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    • The "MUSTACHE" Report (week 2)

      RAMS Win! RAMS Win! Jeff Fisher's 1st win as our RAMS Headcoach!!!!

      Although Jeff Fisher is a highly respected and successful Headcoach I think he's in the wrong business. My opinion is that he should be a professional TEXAS HOLDEM card player. During his press conference after a GREAT win over the Washington Redskins a person watching couldn't tell if the RAMS won or lost. Fisher is so low key and direct with his answers from the media. He was asked about the Steven Jackson benched/injured situation. He flatly denies that Jackson was benched. (I'm not buying it) What does Steven Jackson do when he scores a TD? He does his roll the dice move.
      I can't ever remember Jackson spiking the ball after scoring a TD. So, again Fisher's poker face and response that Jackson had a tight hamstring put that to bed with the media. This also lead to why wasn't the challenge flag thrown as it looked like Jackson did in fact score on the play? Fisher explained that he told the field goal team to delay kicking the FG, However by the time Fisher saw the replay the kick was up in the air.
      So in his very stoic way he admitted that there was a breakdown in communication but that the timing of the situation was very difficult.

      Replacement Officials:

      Fisher admits that there are mistakes being made and that the NFL needs to bring back the regular officials. In no way does he insult the replacement officials but you can tell that he's not happy about the present situation, I think?

      I give Fisher a ton of credit for doing these press conferences and not taking them lightly. There's one member of the media that asks a ton of questions. Fisher always looks this person right in the eye while listening to the question. That look from Fisher has me wondering if he would really like this person to just shut-up?

      Fisher has instituted what he calls the 24 hour rule with our team. The players have 24 hours to sulk or enjoy the last game and then it's on to the next opponent.

      He's preparing for the Bears. Says the challenge of Jay Cutler & Brandon Marshall is almost the same as week 1 with the Stafford/ Calvin Joyhnson matchup.

      He did say that he wants the team to play hard and aggressive but at the same time have fun and look forward to coming to work. He really enjoys watching his players congratulating eachother on the sidelines. The defense to the offense and vice versa.

      Believe it or not Fisher actually cracked a smile when asked about the MUSTACHES that were given to the fans for this game. He smiled and said thanks as he walked off the podium!

      Man am I glad we hired this guy!
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