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    • Nick's 2012 ClanRam NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

      This is now becoming a bonafide curse.

      For the third time in a row, my number one ranked team lost, as San Francisco dropped a surprise game to the Minnesota Vikings. The ***** remain in the Top Five for the time being after taking down contenders in Green Bay and Detroit.

      A dominating victory over the Philadelphia Eagles has the Arizona Cardinals emerging as a Top Ten contender in the Power Rankings, despite my own personal skepticism as to whether they’ll be able to keep their undefeated season going much longer. Still, credit where credit is due.

      As for the Rams, they fall a few spots in the wake of a disappointing loss to a team most fans probably felt would defeat St. Louis before the season and especially before the impressive showing against Washington. St. Louis has a chance to bounce back this week against a tough but beatable Seahawks squad.


      Rank -- Team – Last Week’s Ranking

      1. Atlanta Falcons (2)
      -Atlanta made short work of San Diego, and takes the dreaded top spot of the rankings.

      2. Houston Texans (3)
      -Denver wasn’t a pushover, but this was a worthy win for the Texans as they remain undefeated.

      3. Baltimore Ravens (5)
      -A close win over the Patriots is still a win over the Patriots.

      4. New York Giants (7)
      -New York absolutely crushed Carolina on Thursday night, and are back in the Top Five.

      5. San Francisco ***** (1)
      -Last weekend’s loss to Minnesota was a bit of a head-scratcher; San Fran needs to watch their back.

      6. Dallas Cowboys (11)
      -The Cowboys didn’t look great against the Buccaneers, but a win is a win in today’s NFL.

      7. Green Bay Packers (4)
      -It’s hard to fault the Packers too much when a blown call cost them the game.

      8. Arizona Cardinals (16)
      -Big jump for Arizona, but they’ve earned it with some quality wins, the latest against the Eagles.

      9. New England Patriots (8)
      -New England drops, but only slightly, after a one-point primetime loss.

      10. Buffalo Bills (12)
      -The Bills were down to their third running back but still managed to beat the Browns.

      11. Chicago Bears (14)
      -Chicago’s defense looked like a force to be reckoned with against the Rams.

      12. Philadelphia Eagles (6)
      -Probably not the best year for me to have Michael Vick in both my fantasy leagues.

      13. San Diego Chargers (10)
      -While this was San Diego’s first loss, they looked pretty hapless during the game.

      14. Pittsburgh Steelers (9)
      -Carson Palmer seemed to have this aging Pittsburgh defense’s number.

      15. Cincinnati Bengals (17)
      -With a solid win against Washington, Cincinnati might be passing Pittsburgh

      16. Detroit Lions (13)
      -Heck of a loss for Detroit; these are the kinds of games that can make or break morale.

      17. New York Jets (19)
      -An overtime win over Miami doesn’t look great on paper, but any division advantage helps.

      18. Seattle Seahawks (24)
      -Seattle jumps up six spots for a good showing on primetime against the Packers, albeit with a ridiculous ending.

      19. Denver Broncos (15)
      -I doubt the Denver gameplan is for Manning to put the ball in the air 50+ times.

      20. Minnesota Vikings (25)
      -Great win by the Vikings, and perhaps a coming out party for Christian Ponder as well.

      21. Kansas City Chiefs (26) 1-2
      -Hope your fantasy team wasn’t matched up against Jamaal Charles this week.

      22. Tennessee Titans (27) 1-2
      -This was Locker’s first win, and he certainly earned it against the Lions.

      23. New Orleans Saints (18) 0-3
      -The Saints are too talented to be winless at this point, but they should be in desperation mode nonetheless.

      24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) 1-2
      -Tampa’s defense continues to be solid; now if only the offense was up to the task.

      25. Washington Redskins (20) 1-2
      -Jim Haslett’s defense continues to let down the Washington fanbase, allowing 38 points this week.

      26. St. Louis Rams (22) 1-2
      -The defense did their part, but the offense – specifically the line – let the organization down.

      27. Oakland Raiders (30) 1-2
      -Beating the Pittsburgh Steelers is no easy feat, so props to the Raiders.

      28. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) 1-2
      -Jacksonville squeaked out a win thanks in no small part to Maurice Jones-Drew.

      29. Indianapolis Colts (28) 1-2
      -Andrew Luck was beaten out in the “comeback victory” game this week.

      30. Miami Dolphins (29) 1-2
      -A close overtime loss to the Jets won’t cause Miami to drop too far.

      31. Carolina Panthers (23) 1-2
      -Pitiful showing against the Giants that has teammates possibly turning on each other.

      32. Cleveland Browns (32) 0-3
      -The Weeden/Richardson train was off the tracks this week.
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