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      There have been numerous threads pertaining to Sam Bradford since his arrival in St. Louis. Fans have many times commented passionately- some staunchly defending Bradford while others have maligned his short tenure with the Rams. I think it's important to recognize some basic facts that fair or unfair will always be present when Sam Bradford is discussed.

      1) Disenchantment with one's QB is hardly anything new. Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick are among the more prominent guys who have been roasted by their team's fan base. Each has had his share of successes and failures as a player. Eli Manning, who has won two Super Bowls, was ripped for several years before his fortunes turned. For the duration of what we hope is an excellent career, Sam Bradford will endure the same questioning and the same second guessing.

      2) Feeling compelled to refute EVERY negative Bradford post is petty and a waste of energy. Recognize that fans are fickle- and that will never change. Ask Cam Newton- who was "great" last year but now "sucks and can't play".

      3) A QB will always get more credit than he deserves when they win and more blame than they deserve when they lose. As a number 1 overall pick,and as a guy many fans were sold on being "the face of the franchise for years to come" Bradford will be scrutinized heavier than most. Expect it.

      4) Stats must be taken in their proper context when defending or supporting a guy. They can be misleading in many ways and can be twisted to support your own argument or refute the other guy's. You can talk about "dropped passes" for instance, but fail to mention spectacular grabs by those same receivers. Or neglect to mention "poorly thrown incompletions to wide open receivers". Things tend to even out over the long term. And one must attempt to be balanced when assessing a guy's performance or body of work.

      5) I am truly convinced Sam Bradford is a winning player. Because he is not Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger does not mean he isn't any good. He has shown me enough over the course of about two full seasons that given proper support he can be a guy ranked in the top third in the NFL at his position.

      6) CONSISTENT WINNING is the only thing that ultimately will mollify fans. The intelligent fan recognizes his team's inadequacies, but at the end of the day is uninterested in excuses or reasons why a guy can't get the job done. Shortcomings on the line or at the WR position can only be talked about for so long before we start becoming apologists for bad QB play.

      Some might not agree, but I think that the end of NEXT season would be the time to make a definitive judgment on Bradford. He will have had 2 years in the same system with the same head coach and a young and improving corps of receivers. It will be more than fair by then.
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