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    • Rams lose 28-21 to Titans; The Good, the bad and the ugly

      Another tough loss in a winnable game for the Rams, featuring blown opportunities and self inflicted wounds. It's getting a little tougher to swallow every week. We sure miss Sammy!

      The Good

      Every loss gets us a better draft pick for next year (trying to see the glass half full in a difficult situation!)

      We have a running back for the future in Zac Stacy (who scored our first two rushing tds of the year, caught 6 balls for 51 yards and ran for 127 yards on 27 carries, including a fantastic 32 yard run towards the end where he broke multiple tackles)
      First drive of the second half was excellent. Early drive before the benny fumble was also very good.
      Nice game for Hecker
      Nice first career catch for Bailey
      Finnegan INT (Although it was thrown right to him)
      Two sacks for Langford (4 overall for the Rams)
      9 tackles and a sack for Laurinaitis
      Nice TD catch off a nice throw for Cook at the goal line
      Clemens was 7-7 for 75 yards. It was downhill from there, athough he did have some dropped balls (what would a rams game be without dropped balls) and had one nice run for a first down early in the game.
      First half defense was terrific after the first penalty strewn drive (the second half was just ugly defensively)
      Nice punt return in fourth for austin.

      The Bad

      Clemens. He was 20-35 for 210, a td and no ints, but he had a huge fumble that played a material part in costing us the game that he never should have lost, and missed numerous open receivers all day long. He missed austin and Kendricks for TD's (austin cant get a break!)

      I dont understand why we start throwing the ball multiple plays in a row late in the 3rd and into the fourth when we are running effectively with Zac.

      Our run defense in the second half was awful (CJ wound up with 150 yards rushing) and with the short drops, we didnt get to the qb despite multiple blitzes. Kendall Wright looked pretty good against us. Too much lost containment against CJ.

      Too many penalties on the titans first drive of the game.
      Too many drops

      The UGLY

      What happened to the defense in the second half? Multiple long drives, just ugly especially after we got the 14-7 lead.

      The Benny fumble was ugly. No one touches him, he just drops it.
      Clemens fumble at the end was butt ugly.
      The Leg has no business missing a 44 yard field goal. We get a turnover before half, gain no yards on three plays, and then get no points. Second week in a row with a big inexcusable miss for the leg.


      The Rams continue to find ways to lose, but a lot of it is the same thing over and over. Without Sammy, we are a lousy throwing team, with a lousy innacurate qb and struggling young recievers. We are running the ball well, but then we seem to get away from that late in the game. Our play calling is suspect and our defense is either great or terrible depending on the half you are talking about. We can't hold onto the ball and can't take advantage of key opportunities, which is a good way to lose. Much as i hate to say it, its going to be a long long season playing out the string. We should be tampa at home. Other than that, we may well lose them all. Just to make matters even worse, san diego had three plays from the one foot line to beat the redskins, couldnt get the ball into the end zone, settled for a fg, and lost in OT. When it rains it pours.

      The Colts on the road are next. I am not optimistic.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
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