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Thread: rep power

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    realchamp11 Guest

    rep power

    I just wanted to know what rep power was and how is it determined?

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    Rep Power

    Re: rep power

    At the top right corner of any post, see that little scale? Click on that. That is how you give rep. You can either give positive or negative rep. Judging by your red square, I'd say you have been getting mostly negative rep LOL. But the more rep you receive, the higher your "rep power" becomes. Your "rep power" is the number of rep points that you give a person (either positively or negatively) when you rep them. So, if I were to rep you right now, you would receive 16 rep points based on my rep power.

    Make sense?

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    realchamp11 Guest

    Re: rep power

    yea thanks..didnt know ppl didnt like me lol

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