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Thread: Smack forums

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    Milan Guest

    Smack forums

    Will this forum be back in time for the Season? I liked the debates, although some were pretty immature.

    So yeah, will the Smack forum be back?

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: Smack forums

    I also enjoy the smack forum....perhaps too much!

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    Re: Smack forums

    OK, I can't stand it.

    You might have noticed that no mods other than me have answered this question. There is a good reason for this:

    It's Dez's decision.

    Milan, perhaps your question should have been worded "should we allow childish gibberish by mentally challenged fans of other teams into our home?"

    Personally, I wouldn't miss the smack at all. If we had opponent's fans come here to discuss football, that would be cool, but a 'you suck' forum I can live without.



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