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    bigredman Guest

    What happened to signatures?

    What happened to our signatures? My options shows that I have elected to have signatures shown, but I don't see anyone's signatures. When I go into User CP, my usual signature isn't displayed. What's up? I paid big money to have a signature with my posts!

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    Re: What happened to signatures?

    Dez had some time off work, so he did his usual tweaking of the website. Look HERE and you'll see what's up. Easy fix.


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    bigredman Guest

    Re: What happened to signatures?

    Working now. It just doesn't go back and populate previous posts. Signature shows up in new posts.

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    Re: What happened to signatures?

    Were BB img codes disabled on purpose?

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: What happened to signatures?

    Correct Josh. You used to be able to paste multiple images into the signature window, but no longer. I think Dez was concerned with bandwidth from the server.

    You can't paste the image directly into the blue window like you could in the past. You have to either upload direct from your computer in option 2, or paste the url in option 1 in the section below the blue box. Hit the upload button, and if you see your image appear under "your current signature" then click on "insert signature picture" line next to image. Now, hit preview button at bottom of page, which if uploaded within parameters of 100 X 900 pixels or 19.5 KB in size (whichever is smaller), your image will appear in the preview section above the blue box. (an error message will appear if the image doesn't meet website requirements)

    If your image appears in preview section (the only thing that will appear in blue box is [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]; you will not see the image itself), then go ahead and go back to the bottom of page and save signature. You can type a message into blue box to be part of your signature as well.
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