BoSH Interlude 2: The Greatest Captain
There was a Golden Age. A time when the Legion reigned supreme throughout the lands.

But that was decades ago. A distant memory, now fading to legend.

The children play in the homeland. They mimic the acts of their heroes, calling out their names. And in their youthful and carefree frolic, one stumbles upon an ancient monument, now crumbling to ruins.

A voice cries out from a dwelling "Young ones, you know not what you do!"

They laugh at their elderly assailant, and their leader replies: "why, old one, do you care so much about an old statue?"

"Gather around," the response comes, "and I will tell you."

"This is the monument of the Greatest of SpiralHorn Captains. It saddens me that you have no knowledge of this..."

"In the darkest days of the Legion, a Field General was struck down in a skirmish. Many thought this would mark the end of the Legion and its then General. But, from nowhere, emerged the Greatest of all Captains. With fearless abandon, he lead the Legion to victory after victory. Before long, other warriors came to prominance, fighting at his side, and in the end, the ultimate prize was ours."

And the old one continued the story, telling of how this Great Captain continued to lead the Legion as it established a Golden Age that changed the Spiralhorns forever.

The leader of the young ones, now tansfixed upon the story, inquired: "What became of this Great Captain?"

"It is something that is not spoken of," came the reply. "For his departure nearly tore the Legion forever. Some believed that battle wounds caused his demise. Others blamed the jealousy of leaders and other Legion warriors. In the end, it mattered not."

The young ones understood now that this mere statue was to be treated with respect and admiration, and they offered their apologies to the old one.

As they departed, their leader asked:

"How do you know of this Great Captain and his exploits?"

"I fought by his side," the reply came, as the elderly Ferteros returned to his dwelling.