BoSH Interlude: Winter's Civil Strife
"This should be a time of calm," AvengerRam sighed.

"Indeed" replied Texramaeas, "indeed."

* * * * *

The rains cleared on a Winter day, but new clouds were forming among the SpiralHorns.

The Legion was scattered among the lands in the aftermath of recent defeat. But not all remained idle. The Great Captain, all too well rested, spoke out.

"I have held my tongue far too long," he stated, "the time to speak is now."

"My heart is heavy. I have seen my friends and compatriots defeated in battle, but my hand was stayed, unable to help. I do not know why this came to pass. I have lead the Legion into battle and have won the ultimate prize. I know I can do so again. I fear that my devotion to the old ways may have brought forth my demise. The leaders have chastised me for my study of the old texts, and some claim that, in trying to spread their teachings, I have lost the loyalty of many. My only wish is to return to the role that was taken from me."

These words spread out among the SpiralHorns. Some, fiercely loyal to the Great Captain, praised his candor. Others chastised him for his hubris. The Great General expressed surprise and dismay at the words of his former right hand. On the island training grounds of the West, word reached the young Captain of the statements of his unintended rival. And while he held his tongue, many perceived his ire at the implicit denouncement of his leadership.

In the Homeland, the Council debated the question of future leadership. No common ground was found. Those loyal to the Great Captain accused his detractors of possessing a disdain for the old ways and texts and a hatred of the Great Captain. AvengerRam and Texramaeas attempted to speak out in favor of the Young Captain's leadership, but this only turned embers into a conflagration.

And so civil strife ruled the day in this Winter. The fractured Legion in need of a unifying force.

In the meantime, AvengerRam and Texrameas rode out toward the outlands, seeking to avoid further conflict.

Their words on this somber ride were few.

"This should be a time of calm," AvengerRam sighed.

"Indeed," replied Texrameas, "indeed."