The New Era in St.Louis is a scary and somehow it feels like it's a dream.
All the stars of the past are starting to fade into the portion of our brain, that defines the outcome as historical and unforgetful. The likes of Marshall Faulk for example. He was the drving force behind the motivation that allowed this franchise to reach the pinnacle in the this league.
With Mike Martz now history. And who would have thought that Matt Millen would hire Martz right away. I hope Detroit takes care of him. I enjoyed Mike's
schemes and at the same time really hated him for other coaching decisions.
I thank him for taking us to the big dance and that in it's self is my gratitude.
With the existing receiving corps, I think we have a great shot offensively to be competitive especially in the NFC West. I believe Kevin Curtis & Shaun McDonald emerge this season as potential key players. We could be seeing the New Era before our eyes in 2006/2007. The veterans, I have admired there professionalism and overall dedication. Watching the Hall of Fame induction ceremany on the NFL Network. I realized that soon i will be going to Canton to witness the likes of Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Kurt Warner,Dick Vermeil and Marshall Faulk on that podium stand.
And that moment will be special for me, because it was my time as a fanatic to enjoy a long journey with the above mentioned individuals. Getting back to the new season. If Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt stay healthy. Scott Linehan will have so many options to create mismatches especially in the NFC West.
I think the goal of this new coach is to win the division and hope for a playoff berth. That will establish his leadership among the fans. Scott Linehan is truly unknown to all of us. And in a way it's probably better for both the fans and himself. We have to learn to wait and see. And he will have to prove and show wins.
The huge question marks will be the Free Agents. A lot of hype is always given to every Free Agent signing. But from what i can gather. Knowone is caring enough to notice. With Terrell Owens in the spotlight. The NFL probably does not care about anybody else. And the acquisitions of some notable stars, like Corey Chavous, La Roi Glover and Will Witherspoon. The
Rams should be in contention for a playoff berth. With the nine new additions Scott Linehan has a potential crew to really make an impact early.
With Gus Frerotte as our backup. I am hopeful we can have Marc Bulger's back and preventing him from being on his back.
The final thought. If this coach who is unknown takes us to the promise land.
What will be said of the previous coach?Genius or ? I can not come up with anything else. So I will leave it at that. Training camp is here and before we know it preseason football. I will keep you informed.
Here is to Marshall Faulk. Get well soon. Canton will be calling soon.