Well the bad news is that I was wrong again last week. The good news is that I didn't make an UPSET SPECIAL prediction week 1 so I'm only (0-2).

After looking over the schedule and checking the Las Vegas Lines (hoping our RAMS would be the underdog) I've decided that the HOUSTON TEXANS being favored by 4 at home over the PITTSBURGH STEELERS was the game for me.

The TEXANS have been that cinderella team the last 2 years that most of the experts thought would make some noise. This season with the hiring of Wade Philips (DC) and the addition of a few new defensive players, the AFC South would be theirs. It might be especially with no Peyton Manning to deal with. So they come into this game with a (2-1) record but that loss coming to one of the top 10 teams in the NFL, New Orleans Saints. A game that saw that TEXANS defense shredded for 40 points. The TEXANS offense likes to run the ball alot but I still consider them a finesse team.

One thing that the STEELERS are not is a finesse team. The STEELERS are (2-1) as well. They have already proven that they can win on the road. Beating the Seahawks 24-0 and the COLTS 23-20 on the road. Alot of the experts are saying that the STEELERS defense is getting old. I don't buy it. The TEXANS will have a tough time running on this defense which will force them to put the ball in the air. I really expect the STEELERS to force the TEXANS into a one dimensional game which will see the STEELERS teeing off on TEXANS qb Matt Shaub. As the old saying goes "The team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game" that certainly applies in this matchup and I like the STEELERS defense forcing a fair amount of turnovers. I would also just like to throw out there that the STEELERS offense is explosive. With the combination of their smashmouth running game, BIG BENS escapability and high flying speedy receivers this a game I see the STEELERS winning outright.