Not a whole lot of movement this week; I think the cream is starting to rise to the top and the gunk is settling at the bottom. Sadly, you can guess where the Rams are.


1. Green Bay Packers (11-0; Last Week: 1)
-Decisive win on Thanksgiving over a strong division rival.

2. New England Patriots (8-3; Last Week: 4)
-New England really took it to a down-and-out Eagles team.

3. Houston Texans (8-3; Last Week: 3)
-Itís impressive to think the Texans have continued winning without so many of their playmakers.

4. New Orleans Saints (8-3; Last Week: 5)
-Big win over the Giants on primetime football keep the Saints near the top.

5. San Francisco ***** (9-2; Last Week: 2)
-A Thanksgiving loss to the Ravens have the ***** slipping a bit.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3; Last Week: 6)
-A close game over the Chiefs (!) wonít help Pittsburgh bypass the teams above them.

7. Atlanta Falcons (7-4; Last Week: 7)
-The Falcons werenít in much trouble against a poor Minnesota team.

8. Baltimore Ravens (8-3; Last Week: 10)
-Outstanding win on Thanksgiving for the Ravens.

9. Oakland Raiders (7-4; Last Week: 12)
-Granted Jay Cutler was out, but this was a quality victory for the Raiders.

10. Detroit Lions (7-4; Last Week: 8)
-The Lions hung in there, but Suhís ejection turned the tide.

11. Dallas Cowboys (7-4; Last Week: 11)
-A close win over Miami isnít much to get excited about.

12. New York Jets (6-5; Last Week: 14)
-A four-point win over a division rival is exactly what the Jets needed.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (7-4; Last Week: 13)
-It was close, but the Bengals squeaked it out against the Browns.

14. Chicago Bears (7-4; Last Week: 9)
-How will this team fare now that Cutler is out? So far, not so well.

15. Denver Broncos (6-5; Last Week: 15)
-The Tebow miracle lives on!

16. Tennessee Titans (6-5; Last Week: 19)
-Chris Johnson fantasy owners may have been happier than Titans fans this week.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7; Last Week: 16)
-Hard to believe the Bucs started out 4-2 on the season.

18. New York Giants (6-5; Last Week: 17)
-This inconsistent New York team didnít put up much of a fight on Monday Night.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (4-7; Last Week: 18)
-The Eagles came out quick early, but couldnít hold on against the Pats.

20. Buffalo Bills (5-6; Last Week: 20)
-With injuries starting to mount up, Buffalo lost their fourth in a row.

21. Arizona Cardinals (4-7; Last Week: 25)
-The Cardinals swept the Rams thanks in part to a great day by Beanie Wells.

22. San Diego Chargers (4-7; Last Week: 21)
-The Chargers are really looking like a team without leadership right now.

23. Carolina Panthers (3-8; Last Wee0: 27)
-Carolina gets a nice win against a team thatís giving them out this season.

24. Miami Dolphins (3-8; Last Week: 23)
-A close game against Dallas is nothing to sneeze at.

25. Seattle Seahawks (4-7; Last Week: 22)
-Allowing Rex Grossman to throw for 300+ and win is not good. Not good at all.

26. Cleveland Browns (4-7; Last Week: 24)
-This could have been a statement game for the Browns, who led 17-7 at the half.

27. Washington Redskins (4-7; Last Week: 29)
-A good win over Seattle, can Sexy Rexy spark the Redskins as the season closes?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8; Last Week: 26)
-I guess the loss to Houston was the final straw for Wayne Weaver.

29. Kansas City Chiefs (4-7; Last Week: 28)
-At least they were competitive, but they probably wonít be for much longer.

30. Minnesota Vikings (2-9; Last Week: 30)
-Ponder put up some nice numbers, but the Vikes donít stand much of a chance with Peterson hurt.

31. St. Louis Rams (2-9; Last Week: 31)
-Simply put, this loss is largely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-11; Last Week: 32)
-Speaking of, is there even a coaching staff in Indy anymore? Yikes.