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    Re: Curry Fans, how do the Rams address their need @ OT?

    Quote Originally Posted by RAMarkable View Post
    First, let me say that you've done an excellent job in this article and have, I believe, made a most powerful case for taking one of the LTs with the 2nd pick over Curry or any other player in this draft.

    Having said that, however, I must disagree somewhat with your comments on the Rams selection of John Greco in the 3rd round of last years draft. I truly believe that the Rams would NOT have picked Greco if they had known that he would only project to the guard position. If you look at the roster the Rams had just paid $36 million for Jacob Bell plus they had Cogs and Setterstrom on the team. There really wasn't a place for Greco but at back-up when he was drafted.

    I'm pretty confident that the Rams wanted someone (ANYONE!!) to light a fire under Alex Barron's back-side and hoped that Greco would be the man for the job. Alas, this didn't happen, and here we are a year later and we still are facing this same issue. IMO we just really didn't need a guard at that point in the draft; although I'm sure that he will be a decent one some day.

    Another thing to consider is that the Rams gave up two picks to move up and select Roy Schuening-yet another guard-in the 5th round. I really don't think that Billy would have pulled the trigger on this trade unless he strongly believed that Greco would be a tackle and then Schuening would play at guard. It really made no sense to draft two guards within two rounds of each other, especially when both of the starter spots were already taken by young veterans like Bell and Cogs.

    At any rate, here we are and what's done is done. Let's hope that it all works out for the Rams in the end. Go Rams!

    I appreciate your response RAMarkable, but I'm not entirely sure what about my post you're disagreeing with. We both acknowledged that the Rams picked Greco because they thought he could contribute at right tackle.

    Ultimately the coaching staff believed, after watching him in practice after the draft, that he wasn't as good a fit there as he was at guard. The new regime seems to agree, because when Pace was cut, they talked about Bell moving to RT and Greco taking over at LG. I don't believe Greco at RT was brought up or even tried at the minicamp.

    I don't know that the Rams would have selected Greco in the third round if he had been a pure guard prospect, but I don't think he's a wasted pick if his move to guard is successful and he eventually becomes a starter for us at that position. He showed flashes at the end of last season that he can certainly play well there, I thought.

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    Re: Curry Fans, how do the Rams address their need @ OT?

    Sooner or later, we'll need an OT or MLB, depending on who we draft this year...we can't lose guys..., both of them are available, and YES, I DO believe they will make an immediate impact. We either draft an OT now and a MLB later in the rounds or Next year, draft a MLB first, then an OT. It's a matter of choice.

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    Re: Curry Fans, how do the Rams address their need @ OT?

    Next year is 6-10 at best. We have wasted a lot of picks on the line not just offensive but also defensive. I am fine with Aaron Curry or Crabtree, not Smith

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    Re: Curry Fans, how do the Rams address their need @ OT?

    I think barron stinks. Him and Incognito. Incognito had 11 penalities. the most in the league by any player, and he got shown up by Greco. Barron also is in second place with 9 penalties.

    Jason taylor was a good move. but letting pace go idk. i think we shouldve let barron go and put pace where barron was.

    but thats just me

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