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    An Eye to the West: Pre-Season Week 1

    An Eye to the West: Pre-Season Week One
    By Nick

    "Okay, which one of you guys stopped at Taco Bell last night?"

    Here are some general notes regarding how the Rams’ competition in the NFC West fared in their first pre-season outing of 2011.

    -The quarterbacks looked abysmal. Alex Smith was 2/7 for 10 yards and was abused by Gregg Williams’ aggressive Saints defense. San Francisco’s pass protection let Smith down, allowing five sacks and two forced fumbles before halftime. Rookie Colin Kaepernick was not much better, going 9/19 with two interceptions.

    -Running back Frank Gore looks fully healed and ready to go. Gore ran for 20 yards on four attempts, including rushes of 3, 5, 7, and 5 yards. If he can stay healthy in 2011, he should produce.

    -Rookie linebacker Aldon Smith had a good debut, recording four tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble. If he can keep up this kind of efficient pressure, look for him to earn more playing time during the season.

    -Not to be outdone, new Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was determined to out-stink the *****’ quarterbacks. While his numbers (3/5 for 13 yds) aren’t horrendous, he displayed questionable accuracy and touch in an offensive system he’s familiar with from his days with the Vikings.

    -Charlie Whitehurst looked more comfortable throwing the football, but still displayed a tendency to check down, averaging 5.75 yards per attempt. The most impressive Seattle passer might have been undrafted rookie Josh Portis, who threw 5/9 for 69 yards and a touchdown while leading two touchdown drives to ultimately win the game.

    -Seahawks franchise left tackle Russell Okung may need to consider ditching the lucky socks. He was carted off the field in the first quarter of the pre-season opener, and apparently felt something pop in his left ankle, a sign of a possible high ankle sprain. Okung struggled with high ankle sprains to both ankles last season, and it would appear the monkey is still on his back.

    -The Kevin Kolb era has officially begun! It started off a little rough, as Kolb and star receiver Larry Fitzgerald were not on the same page on a quick pass. But things got better for the Arizona duo, as Kolb would hit Fitzgerald deep down the left sideline for 43 yards. The two appear to have a connection that is only going to improve with time.

    -While rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson led the Cardinals in tackles, the Raiders didn’t appear to have much trouble moving the ball against Arizona’s defense. Two of their first three drives ended with field goals, with the other traveling sixty yards before opting to punt inside the Cardinals’ 40-yard line.

    -While the Cardinals don’t appear to have a concrete plan at the #2 WR spot – Andre Roberts started there in this game, but head coach Ken Whisenhunt has alluded to a possible committee approach – there doesn’t appear to be any doubt that Beanie Wells is doing his best to lock up the starting running back job. Wells gained 22 yards on six carries, including a 15-yard outside jaunt and a 5-yard red zone run. Rookie running back Ryan Williams (VA Tech) was running with the third string.

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    Re: An Eye to the West: Pre-Season Week 1

    After reading this, here's my synopsis:

    Whiners suck, with the possible exception of Frank Gore and Aldon Smith. We can look forward to inconsistent suckage from these two during the regular season.

    Shesquawks suck, too, with the possible exception of Whitehurst and Josh Portis. However, suckage is immenent.

    The Cards seem to suck less, but still suck. They will not even come close to looking like the team Warner led - which is great news for us.

    In other words, we can re-name these teams the Kirbys, Hoovers, and Eurekas - they all suck like vacuums!


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    Re: An Eye to the West: Pre-Season Week 1

    Very nice summary of the suckage!

    Andre Roberts is the number 2 in Arizona eh? Boy have they come a long way since Boldin and Breaston were complimenting Fitz. Boy how two years fly!

    If the Rams don't win this division I will have very strong words with those that come up with the schedule...

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