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    Re: Random Thoughts from Week Two

    Quote Originally Posted by Richbert88 View Post
    I could swear I saw some emotion out of Bradford today. These drops are getting to him. He genuinely looked po'd in the fourth when Robinson dropped one that hit him in the hands.

    I can't blame him. But, he's showing it and what he is showing is disappointment. I wonder how long before this begins to have a poisoning affect on him. He's young and all.
    I only look to one thing concerning Bradford in this game that points to me that he is special ...

    So many times in the past we've seen QB's fold when the cards were stacked against them and times became tough ...

    However, after J. Murphy's great INT, Bradford led us right down for a quick score and gave us a chance. He brushed off the nightmare of the 3rd and part of the 4th quarter, stood in the pocket, and made some fantastic throws ...

    This shows that he has "IT". I really do think we would have won this game if we got the ball back ....

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    Re: Random Thoughts from Week Two

    Dissappointing game. As for all the complaints about play calling, you have to remember that we have a rookie QB in the game, extremely limited talent at WR, and an offensive line that has not learned to work together. This offense is not yet ready to run a complicated scheme. Because our QB has very little time in the pocket, there isn't much chance to stretch the field with long passes (not to mention the fact that our receivers aren't very good at getting seperation). If I find fault with this coaching staff at this point, it's on getting the O line to work together. I just can't believe that our linemen are really that talentless.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: Random Thoughts from Week Two

    Good post Nick.

    I've been watching the Rams a long time, but recent history leads me to a few thoughts:

    1. Why do we have a play a "perfect" game to win? No team ever plays a perfect game and they still win a game now and then. If the difference between winning and losing for the Rams is that fine, then we really do have the worst talent in the league.

    2. Why don't our coaches make adjustments as the games progress? We gash teams for a while and then the other team adjusts and we don't. If we're good enough to run the ball and throw the ball successfully for a while, we should be able to adjust during the game and take advantage of what the other teams give us (e.g., stack the box, one-on-one coverages, blitzes, etc.). If we can't make productive adjustments, then maybe we really do have the worst coaches in the NFL.

    3. Why can't the Rams get "up" for games on a consistent basis. Two years ago I saw the Rams @ Seattle. I was embarrassed to be a Rams fan that day. Never saw such an uninspired bunch and they got clocked. The year before I saw the Rams @ SF. They looked like they were running in molasses. They got smacked badly. Now we have new coaches with all the same results.

    There are a lot of excuses/reasons being offered by us Clanners, but the bottom line is we tee it up each Sunday with much the same results. I wish I had an explanation other than I think that the losing mindset has infected this organization and no amount of lip service will change it until we start putting a few wins together and begin believing we are winners.

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