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    Av's (Grade-Less) 2010 Rams Draft Review

    Av's (Grade-less) 2010 Rams Draft Review
    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Here is my preliminary review of the Ramsí 2010 draft. As the title indicates, Iím not giving letter grades. Frankly, I think letter grades are kind of silly at this point in the process. Instead, Iím just going to tell you what I think.

    Round 1 (1): Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
    Five years from now, this will be the pick that defines this draft. If Bradford becomes an upper-tier starting QB, people will say how the Rams made the right call. If he does not succeed, people will call this draft a bust no matter how well the other players play. Iíve expressed my opinion quite a bit on Bradford, so Iíll just sum it up by saying I think he was the right choice and that Rams fans will be very happy in the long run that he was selected.

    Round 2 (33): Rodger Saffold, OG/OT, Indiana
    To be honest, he really was not on my radar. That said, many of those who spend more time than I do evaluating players had him ranked as a late first round prospect. This isnít the kind of pick that gets fans excited, but if both he and Jason Smith pan out, the Rams will have bookend OTs (to go with an elite C) for the next 4 to 5 years minimum. Hard to argue with that.

    Round 3 (65): Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida
    I have to read between the lines on this one a bit, as I have not watched Murphy play very much. It seems that one of Spagsí goals is to be able to line up with big, physical CBs. Bartell (who I expect to bounce back from an injury plagued season), Fletcher (who will hopefully be ready to go) and Murphy could be key players to match up with the growing list of big WRs in the NFC West.

    Round 4 (99): Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati
    I love this select at this point in the draft. Had Gilyard run .10 faster in the 40, he would have been a second round pick in all likelihood. On the field, heís a fiery competitor and was VERY productive. He could also give the Rams some pop in the return game. The Rams donít have a clear #1 receiver, but the group of Avery, Robinson, Gibson and Gilyard could prove to be better than many realize.

    Round 5 (132): Michael Hoomanawanui, TE, Illinois
    Will his name even fit on a jersey? Iíll admit, I know little about this guy. He sounds like the kind of guy who could be a good role player as a blocker. I suspect, though, that the Rams were hoping another TE would fall to this point and settled a bit on MH.

    Round 5 (149): Hall Davis, DE, Louisiana-Lafayette
    Obviously, the Rams saw something in this guy, given that they took him while Greg Hardy was still on the board. Any time a player is taken on potential, rather than production, at this point in the draft, you have to just defer to the scouts and wait and see.

    Round 6 (170) : Fendi Onobun, TE Houston
    Onobun is a former Arizona basketball player who is clearly a project. The physical tools, however are without question, as he ran a sub-4.5 at 252 lbs. Everyone wants the next Antonio Gates. Maybe the Rams will be fortunate enough to have found him.

    Round 6 (189) : Eugene Sims, DE, West Texas A&M
    Wow! The coaching staff at West Texas A&M must love the Rams. First they take Keith Null in 2009, and now Eugene Sims in 2010. Sims registered 17 sacks in the past two years, and has some potential as an edge rusher. Played at 235, but is reportedly up to 250 and has has the frame (6í6) to get bigger.

    Round 7 (211): Marquis Johnson, DB, Alabama
    Played on the National Championship team. Has good size (6í0, 180) and speed (4.5). Heíll compete for a role on special teams and could provide depth at both CB and FS.

    Round 7 (226): George Selvie, DE, South Florida
    Hereís a guy I know a little about, as he played college ball a couple of hours from me. Selvie was upstaged by his athletically freakish teammate JPP, but Selvie was actually the more productive player. Had 29 sacks in four years, including 14.5 as a Sophomore.

    Round 7 (254): Josh Hull, LB, Penn State
    Hull made a lot of plays (116 tackles) as a Senior. With the Rams lack of depth at the position, he should be able to compete for a roster spot.

    NowÖ here is my grade-less summary:

    What was accomplished?
    Ultimately, this is the ďTale of Two Drafts.Ē The first four picks will all fill significant needs at QB, OT, CB and WR. I think the Rams obtained quality prospects who could be part of the core of the team for the next several years. Again, though, Bradford is the lynchpin.

    What can we hope for?
    The Ramsí selections in Rounds 5 through 7 are, as expected, question marks. The Rams clearly did their homework and selected players they see something in, as opposed to merely taking the biggest names left on the board (which is, in all honesty, what every fan naively wants their team to do). In the end, if even two of the players selected in these rounds become significant contributors, you have to take your hat off to the coaching staff.

    What is left to do?
    The Rams were not able to do much to improve the team in two key areas (backup RB, OLB) and certainly did not acquire anyone who can be expected to immediately grab the starting DE spot opposite Chris Long. The Rams should, in my opinion, find some short-term answers at these spots in the FA market, which should grow in the coming weeks. The Rams may already be on the verge of obtaining a backup RB, as Brian Westbrook is scheduled to visit and take a physical with the team this weekend.

    Is the team better?
    I think it is, for several reasons. It starts with the offensive line. This unit (along with Steven Jackson) could very well be the strength of the team. Jason Smith is healthy, and hopefully will stay that way and develop as expected. Hank Fraley is an underrated signing, and will compete for a starting job or, at least, provide depth at OG. Saffold will find a role quickly, whether he ends up starting at OG or ROT.

    The receiving corps should also improve, with better heath, more experience for the young players, and the infusion of Gilyard.

    The DL likely needs more proven players, but I do have hope that Long and Dorrell Scott will continue to improve. I also like the addition of DT Fred Robbins. From the rookie class, if one of the three DEs can contribute this year, thatís a big plus.

    The LB corps needs help as well. Naíil Diggs is a good start, but the Rams need more here. I suspect this will be the primary veteran FA target area (Keith Bulluck, anyone?).

    Finally, the DBs should be fine if Fletcher is healthy, Murphy contributes, and Atogwe is retained. If Johnson can contribute, all the better.

    Then, of course, there is Bradford. Can he come in as a rookie and win games right away? Iím not sure I want him to be thrown to the wolves early, but I think he can be effective and give the team hope for the future, even if heís not read to put up Pro Bowl numbers.

    Thereís still work to do, but I think the the Rams took some positive steps this weekend. Time will tell how big those steps will be.
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    chancelandusa Guest

    Re: Av's (Grade-Less) 2010 Rams Draft Review

    WOW! just watching some clips on Onobun this guy could be a top offensive weapon
    given time catches with his hands some of his leaping catches really looked nice wow he can get up there plus watching him run looks like he has deceptive speed
    long strider got him got him oh **** there he goes

    RAMS 2010

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