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Thread: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

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    A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    I am writing this (by hand) shortly after takeoff on my flight home from St. Louis (what you are reading was, of course, typed later). Sitting in a window seat on the left side of the plane, I just glanced out and caught my final view of the Arch and the Edward Jones Dome, at least my final view for this trip.

    So many thoughts are going through my head as I reach the end of this, my first Bash. So many thoughts, I hardly know where to begin. So, I guess I’ll begin at the beginning.

    The Beginning (I finally decide to come to the Bash)

    I’ll admit it. I nearly didn’t make this trip. Part of me thought, “can I really afford to incur the expense of time, money and effort it would take to travel all the way to St. Louis to see a football game?” After all, Rams football, though a passion of mine, is not my life. Truth be told, had my wife, the lovely AvengerPam, not encouraged me to make the trip (sarcastic posters may insert an “Av’s wife just wanted him out of the house” joke here), I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    But there I was, on a Saturday morning, riding the Metrolink from the airport to a city I’d never been to, anticipating my first meeting with a group of people I’d never (truly) met.

    At age 38, most of us are slaves to routine. But here was a morning of actual adventure. Not the “death defying” kind of adventure, but rather a renewal of that youthful enthusiasm that only comes from the eager anticipation of a completely new experience. So off I went.

    Meeting the Gang (and sharing the bonds of capitalism)

    In the early afternoon, I met my first Clan members at Union Station. Dez, Utterblitz, MaineRam, Hogfather, RamGram and others… all buying up a mass of blue and gold merchandise.

    Utterblitz later asked me if I was nervous meeting so many new people at once. Maybe a little. But Dez’s warm greeting and the smiles and handshakes of the group soon turned the apprehension into something else – a true feeling of belonging.

    “You know,” I thought, “maybe this trip is worth the time, expense and effort.” And the real fun had not yet even started.

    The Bash Party (RamGram says it all)

    After a brief rest, I was off to Hannegan’s for the party. There, I met more fellow Clan members (I wish I could name you all, but I’m afraid my memory is not perfect, so please don’t feel slighted if I don’t mention you by name). BigRedMan is every bit the character he seems to be on the boards. Bruce=GOAT, MajorRam, MoonJoe, Ramman68, and so many others… such a cool group, I’d hang out with them even if they weren’t Rams fans (well, as long as they weren’t Whiner fans).

    Much food and drink was consumed, and many a laugh was shared. We had a nice impromptu (I bet you thought it was planned!) football card raffle, and Dez and Moira sold quite a few T-shirts (available on this site, by the way!).

    Now, a word about the seating FUBAR scenario that occurred. We did have an RSVP list and, yes, about a dozen extra people showed up. But, after a few tense moments, and with the help of the amazingly patient hostess, Angie, we finally got everybody seated.

    Maybe, with another group, that situation would have dampened the evening. But, as RamGram said to me on the way out, “you can’t stop this group from having a good time.” Besides, seeing BigRedMan in his kilt, waving at passing rickshaw riders and shouting congratulatory wishes to newlyweds (and one newly divorced individual) – that alone was worth the price of admission!

    Pre-game (Bernie senses the presence of pure evil)

    I hadn’t planned to mention Bernie Miklasz in this article, but this part of the story is too good not to tell.

    As we hung out on Broadway waiting for the gates to open, a large man passed by us, coming within a yard of me. As this happened, I heard Dez shout “Bernie!” I turned, realizing who had just walked past, but he was already halfway across the street, heading for the press entrance. Unfortunately, nobody was quick enough with the camera to get a shot of Bernie and I in dangerously close proximity. Dez will probably claim that I chickened out and hesitated, but I really didn’t recognize him. Besides, now that I’ve actually seen him, I realize that Bernie is twice the man I am! (I know, low blow!)

    Still, you have to wonder… as Bernie passed, did he suddenly feel cold? Did he think to himself, “I feel a presence… the dark side is strong here… I must away, with great haste.”

    The Game (You just had to buy a Wilkins jersey before the game, didn’t you, Dez!)

    I’m not going to write about the defense, the Red Zone troubles, or anything else about what happened on the field. Instead, I’m going to tell you what it was like to be at the game. At least I will try. I doubt I can do it justice.

    There we were, my new friends and I, cheering our guts out, chewing on the tension, yelling at the refs, high-fiving after each big play, and having a blast. I’ve always believed that there is no such thing as “winning ugly.” This game proved me right. Despite the sloppy play on offense, it was a beauty to behold in person.

    I even got a smile from a particular piece of irony. Shortly before the player introductions, Roger Daltry was heard over the PA system singing “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Ramman68 and I turned to each other and questioned, “Is that supposed to be a Linehan/Martz comparison? At the end of a beautiful victory, highlighted by great defense and six field goals (that thing about Dez and the Wilkins jersey is true, by the way), we realized, “maybe it’s a Linehan/Malavasi (of the 1979 Rams) comparison!”

    Either way, I have to say that if you haven’t celebrated a Rams win in a sea of blue and gold… if you haven’t “nah nah, nah nah, hey hey hey, good-bye-ed” the visiting fans as they exited the stands with heads hung low, you are really missing something.

    Going Home (See you next year)

    As I fly home, I now see it clearly. The reason why those who have Bashed each year is obvious. We really have here at ClanRam more than a mere message board. We have a great group of people who share a passion. A group of friends. A Clan.

    As I left the group to head back home, I didn’t say “good-bye.” I said “see you next year,” and I meant it. If at all possible, I will return next year. I wouldn’t miss it.

    I hope that those who are reading this, and who have never attended a Bash, will take notice. I hope that those who feel the same way I felt before deciding to attend my first Bash might, in reading these words, become motivated to embark on the adventure next year.

    Those who do will see me there. I’ll be there with my hand outstretched in greeting, welcoming the next new face to join in the celebration, camaraderie and fun that is the Bash.

    I can’t wait.
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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Im so glad you had fun man. I wish I was there, hopefully I run into some of the clan at the Whiners game next week.My first bash was a loss and I still remeber the bash fondly.

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    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    I hope that those who are reading this, and who have never attended a Bash, will take notice.
    Allright, that settles it.......I gotta go next year.

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    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Very nice AV, I want to go and I will make it.

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    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Well, I just arrived home, (very tired and a sore throat from screaming D-FENCE) and I must say that of the three trips to St. Louis to see the Rams, this was the best trip by far.

    Meeting Clan members such as Moon Joe, AV and Big Red Man, (loved the kilt ) was great. There were others who's names I have forgotten, but would recognize if I saw them again.

    Thanks to Dez, and Ramgram and all who put this bash together; hopefully next year will be even better.

    “maybe it’s a Linehan/Malavasi (of the 1979 Rams) comparison!”
    I'm telling you, this team has shads of the 79' RAMS, hopefully they make it all the way.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    I thought all of this was an LSD-induced dream???? Then, I see this post, find a ClanRam shirt in my bag, and whisker burn on my cheek from bigredman!

    Ay carrumba!

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    PA_gal_in_OK Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    It was great meeting all of you. I had a great time and you were all great.. even if you are Rams Fans!

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    PA_gal_in_OK Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    I had a great time. You guys are great even if you are Rams Fans... lol

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    Hoggfather Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Good stuff Avenger....very elequent. It was fun meeting you and others and renewing old friendships.

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    Thumbs up Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Nice post Avenger....I like the pictures. You have done a nice job of selling the Bash for a first timer. I am glad your wife pushed you into this one. Make sure to thank AvengerPam for her support in your interests.

    Too bad Dez was slow with the camera...a picture with you and Bernie would be priceless.

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    GameTime Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    I too was planning on going, but was delayed preparing the feast for the morning tailgate. I apologize for the no show. Next time, I will need a contact number in case you all move the party from the original location. I would have met up with you guys after Jakes steaks.

    Great recap on the event avenger.

    Nice shot at Bernie too.

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    maineram Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    AV, those were my exact sentiments when I attended my first Bash last year. If you haven't been to one you just cannot fathom the fun and excitement of the whole adventure. That is why I came back this year and will for as long as I am upright. Meeting nice people, let alone some diehards like myself, is really what life is all about. This year I had to come in early to visit some St. Louis locals I had grown fond of last year. We hooked up with the group of them that remembered us two MAINERS in St. Lou country as being just a tad bit odd. ( OK, I am a bit odd). Seeing again those that attended last years bash, and meeting a dozen more was the highlight of the weekend, OH YA....there was a Rams win in between all the kareoke, bloody mary's and shopping.
    Glad you could come and share what others Know to be true. There's no stopping a Clan full of Rams out to conquer the LEW.

    Maineram -

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    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    A very great summation of a wonderful weekend. As soon as I saw Av wearing his #80 jersey, I knew we would get along just fine!! I had a blast hanging with ya Av as well as majorram, maineram, utterblitz, brm and many others. I can't wait till next years Bash.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Avenger, great post,it was my first bash also, i'm not sure if we met or not,as the night progressed i tried to put names with faces(possible name tags would help us newer bashers)but i gave up.i sat at the same table as Gramram and she is a pleasure to talk to,i really enjoyed it.dinner was great and more importantly the beer was cold.i didnt sit with the clan at the game since it was my first year with season tickets and it semmed as though christmas came early for me and i had to sit in "MY" seats,next year i will sit with everyone and enjoy that part of the bash. i also think anyone who has not attended a bash needs to do so,to be in the best sports city in america with this group of people was just a blast,thanks to Dez and everyone who took part in putting this together.

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    ramgram Guest

    Thumbs up Re: A Long Day's Journey Into Bash (Part 2)

    Av, it was a rare treat to finally meet you! We ("gramps" & Cherie & Tom & I) haven't missed a Bash since I joined the Clan. But this year was absolutely the most special so far! Cherie & Tom felt, for the first time, that they too were part of this slightly wayward clan. Each expressed, seperately & together what a great group, game & time they had. Tom & Jullian became almost brothers by Sunday, except Jullian can sing better. Oh man, can he sing! Anyone who missed it, by heading to Jake's, for instance, might want to stick around next year. And anyone with any doubts as to whether or not to attend, doubt no longer! This is, the best time with the best group to be had on either side of the "pond"! BUT, & this should be in italics, please do our planner the courtesy of signing up. We want ALL members to attend. And even if you suddenly find yourself able to come at the last minute, get the message to the Bash ASAP. It might make it less hectic & more enjoyable for whoever is in charge. Might even make the help happier! But even the mix-ups were fun this trip & I'm so glad everyone else had as good a time as the ramgram crew! The brothers from Maine, Big Red, Major, the irrepressable Dez & his patient spouse Moira, the Missouri & Mississippi contingents, Hawaii's Tom & Patty, the fellow Illinoisians & the only other female Clan member attending this year, Utter(nonsense)Blitz, all contributed to an unforgettable weekend! (If I left anyone out blame it on the lateness of the hour & a senior memory!) Let's make it even bigger & louder next year!

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