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    A love once new has now, grown old...

    Its always the same with a new love. Everything is fresh and novel, and it seems like it will last forever.

    And so it was as the Summer waned. All was right with the fans and their new love, Scott Linehan. He seemingly had everything. Gone was the turmoil of the last days before the break-up with Coach Martz. In its place was a Head Coach who seemed to draft the right players, to sign the right free agents, to say the right things. The Rams would run the ball. They would play aggressive defense. They would do things differently. Its what we all wanted to hear, and our hearts were captured. And when, on opening day, a win over a top team was delivered, we were absolutely smitten.

    However, as the Autumn commenced, the novelty of new love settled into reality of a flawed relationship. Sure, the team was winning, but something just wasn’t right. It almost seemed like good fortune, rather than planning and execution, was our greatest ally. But still fresh in our minds were the glorious days of new love, and so, we told ourselves everything was fine. Surely, our hearts were not wrong. Or were they?

    Now the weather has grown colder. The new love is gone. What is left is the empty feeling that comes from being trapped in a relationship where nothing has changed. In our darkest moments, we have begun to ask ourselves – should we have given Coach Martz more time?

    But to this relationship we are committed. We will ride out this bad time, suffer the Winter, and wait for Spring to return hope to us. We are slaves to our hearts, and know no other way.

    But today, we sit… heartbroken. How could we have let ourselves come to this?

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    Re: A love once new has now, grown old...

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    [ In our darkest moments, we have begun to ask ourselves – should we have given Coach Martz more time? [/COLOR]
    Why does it have to be either Martz or Linehan?

    I am still glad the regime that was above .500 only one time out of their last four regular seasons is gone. The first season reviews for the Linehan regime are quiet poor, no question, but this doesn't mean that letting Martz go was a mistake. The mistake, quite possibly, was who the FO hired to replace him.


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