this was a most disturbing to say the least . being in syracuse , n.y. , i was very familiar with the vick's . VT , played syracuse every year . i have never liked or cheered for michael vick because of the person he is , not because of the team he played for , and his brother is the same way . wasn't micheal , the alias . RON MEXICO , the guy who gave a woman a sexually transmitted disease , knowing full well , that he indead had this disease . ( and CHAD JOHNSON wore that name on his jersey to show support of vick , ) oh what a funny joke , would it be so funny or hilarious if that girl was johnsons sister , or a daughter . her life in ruins . besides many other slaps in the face that vick has given to teammates , owners , fans , and the law abiding public in general , this last deal , ( or is it ) made me want to vomit , but when other players like clinton portis , basketballer , stephon marburry and others said that this is just a sport , in the same catagory as hunting, i had become so enraged that it does not bother me at all that humans are the most dispicably animal on the planet . to kill and destroy the life of innocent lives for greed and pleasure . the people who still are in this mans corner( i'm sorry , he is no man ) and support him , that now after all the lies and blaming someone else , that all of a sudden he is a differant person . that he has seen his wrongdoings , and has changes . they are just as dispicable as the one committing this horrid crime . to beat and starve animals into fighting and killing , and then to discard them as you would , used toilet paper makes me so angry , that i could honestly say , i would have no problem killing a person that i caught doing this , before i could kill aa animal charging me to protect its young . michael vick is the lowest form of humans to walk this earth , and his friends and family and the people that support him are just as dirty and scummy as he is . we should all look inside our selves , of those of you who have animals , not as a caged pet , but of a part of your home , your family . when your kid's or grandkid's or even your own eye;s light up when they come and great you after work , or wait till you go to bed and follow you in and sleep next to your bed to protect you . this is just as big a sin as murdering people , to take an inoccent life of a being that feel and cares about another being as they do . most of you will disagree , and say that i'm a puss or a tard or a pink lady or whatever . i have raised golden retrievers since i was 9-years old , i have bread some of the best bloodline dog's in all of new york . not for money , but for the joy of the people that have told me that this is the best dog ever and such a big part of the family . when you see the devistation of people young and old after your animal has passed away after 8-10-12 or more years , you would know what i am talking and ranting about , and know what kind of a person VICK is , and what kind of HUMAN he ISN'T . KEITH MICHAEL KLINK .