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    SLAP slips in the Tampa slop

    It started out on a positive note.

    The sun was shining, and the Rams were battling the Bucs, at this, the historic first meeting between the founding members of SLAP (the Scott Linehan Appreciation Party) and SLOP (the Scott Linehan Opposition Party). And throughout the first half, things looked somewhat promising. The defense was holding firm, and the offense, though still not on track, at least was running the ball effectively.

    The Rams battle the Bucs in the Florida sunshine.

    Then, the rain came. And soon, it became apparent that this was not going to be the Rams' day. The Red Zone was, once again, a dead zone. Bulger was off the mark. The defense tired and faltered. Even Jeff Wilkins failed to earn his money.

    And so, in a strange and unfortunate way, SLAP and SLOP found themselves on the same page. "Something is missing," they agreed. "While, clearly, the offensive line injuries are a big part of it, that's not all that is wrong." And so the problems were noted, and there was no disagreement.

    Bulger is not a "one target" QB who should be throwing quick WR screens (well, if you can call them that, as there are no blockers ahead of them). He should not be forcing the ball in the Red Zone merely because he now has a tall receiver. His biggest strength has always been reading coverage and finding the open man. And while, it is true, his protection is faulty, he nonethless needs to be given that chance more often.

    They also agreed that a strange paradox has emerged. The playcalling is conservative, yet effective, in the middle of the field. But inside the thirty, the playcalling seemed almost impatient.

    Whatever the explanation, all agreed that there is just too much talent on this offense - even with a banged up O line - to only have 32 points in three games. With these results, leadership must take some of the blame.

    SLAP's founder calls Rams' Front Office to demand new HC?

    In the end, it the battle was lost, but the faithful marched on. Putting aside their different philosophies, and leaving the worries of the team's predicament for another time, the leaders of these two parties decided to show their true colors. And so, without fear of the inevitable smack from the home fans, they marched right into the lion's den to drown their sorrows.

    SLOP and SLAP are unified at Lee Roy Selmon's.

    There, in the aftermath of a tough day, and with more to come, SLOP and SLAP reached true detente over a truly important issue.

    Those were, quite literally, the best chicken wings either of us have ever eaten.
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    Re: SLAP slips in the Tampa slop

    So we saw 1 half of a good game and 1 half of complete misery.


    The chicken wings were awesome but I would have rather had a win.

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    Re: SLAP slips in the Tampa slop

    Tough game to watch. Glad you got some good chicken wings out of it. It is good to see SLOP and SLAP hanging out together.

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