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    Some Words Of Inspiration, From AvengerRam and U2

    As we embark on a new season, here are a few thoughts, with a little help from my favorite band from Ireland...

    The only baggage you can bring is all that you can't leave behind.

    The Rams are coming off years of failure and disappointment. It isn't always easy to put the past in the past as you move into the future. But that's what needs to be done. There is nothing that can be done to undo the mistakes made by Shaw, Zygmunt, Line#%$, Haslett and Georgia. You've simply got to leave it behind.

    What you've got they can't deny it, can't sell it, or buy it.

    The Rams could have signed a bunch of past-their-prime FAs with recognizable names, but little left in the tank. Instead, the team has focused on collecting players who have character, a strong will, and potential. These guys are hungry and want to prove themselves. In a league where the talent margin from top to bottom is smaller than most realize, sometimes these types of intangible qualities will carry the day on Sunday.

    Packing a suitcase for a place, none of us has been. A place that has to be believed, to be seen.

    When Line#%$ was hired, the goal was to keep the successes of the past going. While the plan wasn't pure GSOT, perhaps it was a form of GSOT-lite. We all know how well that worked. Now, the Rams are heading to somewhat uncharted waters. How long has it been since we've had a Rams' team built around the running game and defensive front seven? The team is going to buy into this approach and truly believe in what Spags is doing, if they want to see it come to life.

    I know it aches, and your heart it breaks. You can only take so much. Walk on.

    While you're at it, give yourself credit for being a loyal Rams fan. It hasn't been easy. Every year, you get your hopes up and, in recent years, that has only lead to heartbreak. Maybe there have been times when you wonder why you bother. That's when you just tell yourself to walk on, move forward, and hope for a brighter day.

    Two things I know to be true:

    (1) It may very well come sooner than you think; and

    (2) When it does, it will be worth the wait.

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    Re: Some Words Of Inspiration, From AvengeRam and U2

    Nicely put.

    I really enjoyed your last comment about given ourselves credit. Being in STL, I take crap from just about everyone except the one loyal guy I go to the games with. Shout out to "TonyBanks" here as a member of the clan.

    The Rams are like a tootsie pop. The best part is in the center. They have taken a lot of licks and now i think we are to the tootsie roll.

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