Here we go Rams fans…..the season is ready to begin. Are you all strapped in and ready to go? The roller coaster has begun to move, the click click of the chain is echoing against the walls. It’s dark in here and we really don’t know what to expect from the team, or from our new head coach. We have a big game coming against the Broncos at home. Are you ready for some football? some real football? not just the watered down preseason games? We are headed up the big hill now and soon our coaster will be released…..

I recommend that everyone take those rosy sunglasses off right now and throw them in the back seat. I would not plan on a beautiful start the season. We are playing against the Broncos and they seem to have their act together. They can run the ball, pass the ball, and their defense is a swarmy one that closes in fast. I don’t think that Bulger is going to get a lot of time to think back there once the ball is snapped. He is going to be rushed and harassed by their thundering herd. No time to think, just react. Do we actually have a running game with the Stev(ph)ens that can give Bulger a moment’s peace, and the offense a little bit of respect for the threat of a big run, or maybe just regular short yardage gains? Or is it going to be blitz, blitz, sack, incomplete pass, and off the field for the offense?

After the Broncos, we play the niners in an away game. They are ready and waiting to make us look inadequate again. Nothing would make them happier than to embarrass the Rams, again, after all the changes we have made. The niners have shown splashes of an offense. Will they really put numbers on the board against our newly overhauled defense is still in question, but they will try. That we know. Then we have another away game with Arizona and they will also test our defense. Yes both of these teams are rated low in the power standings, but so are we, and what do power rankings really mean at this point. They are probably based on last year's information more than the current state of the teams.

Linehan and the Dolphins started out last year with 7 out of 10 games being losses. History has shown that change is not always received well and it may take some games before everything gels. Maybe we can win against the Broncos because Linehan developed some great strategies against them from last year. Maybe the Broncos start slow. That would be nice for us. But don’t be fooled into believing that this Rams team is ready to win games.

All through the preseason we saw the offense struggle to put points on the board and Bulger seemed a tad bit off. The running game struggled and we have injured fullbacks that are not helping break open running paths. All the tight ends are new to our system. Are they experienced enough with the new system to make a difference, block when need be, catch a ball thrown their way?

All I ask of you fans, and of the players if they are listening, is to have patience and to show us some emotion and some resolve against adversity. This is not going to be the easiest of years and we all need to dig deep and be patient. Winning every game is not necessary, but a winning attitude and desire is necessary. And hey Marc Bulger…give us a little emotion out there….QBs can give the offense a boost when they light that fire that demands a winning performance.

I eagerly await the season opener, and I will bring my voice to the dome. Let it be loud and packed. your hands up now?