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    Time to think positive

    I know these last two losses have been hard to swallow.

    Could of, should of, if only … not going to get the team anywhere.

    As hard as it is, the Rams need to look forward and for the most part forget the past. There are a few lessons to be learned from the last two games.

    For one, the offense needs to protect the ball. The receivers and the running backs need to focus on tucking the ball away quickly and keeping it. Perhaps a few practice drills focusing on punching the ball out will reinforce the importance of keeping a good hold on the ball and positioning it in the right place.

    All the guys on the offense need to be looking for loose balls. Fumbles will happen. It is part of the game. We need to be able to get them back. Everyone on the offense needs to understand a little defense so that they know to tag a guy down that has picked up a fumble. Tackling is needed if the ball is turned over. Davis’s fumble in this last game was unfortunate, but the run back for a TD was a big error on the offense.

    The defense is struggling. Pisa is out. Dexter is trying to fit in. Spoon had some trouble with one of the best running backs in the league. Fisher is still killing me by playing way off his man in coverage, but maybe that is the only way that he does not give up the big play. The line is not performing well. The secondary is struggling. No one on the defense is playing very well.

    I have to wonder about the affect that letting Hargrove go had on the line. He was vocal, he was likeable, and he was high energy. He was let go after a minor incident of where he missed a few days of practice due to some personal issues. I know my company has fired people in the past over minute things and it brings morale way down. The FO has sent a message out to the team, that minor mishaps will not be tolerated. That message may not have had a positive affect on the D line. They all need to readjust to the change. Perhaps one of the other players will step up and be more of an emotional leader for them.

    Many people have been pointing out that Spoon and the safeties struggled with angles and tackles against LT. This is an area they should work this week since we have another very good running back coming for a visit. The defense did stop the Chargers at times. They were not completely ineffective.

    Linehan is new to being a head coach and he is making some mistakes. Sitting on the ball before half time was a mistake. Not going for it on fourth down in the third quarter was a mistake. Kicking an onside kick with 6 minutes left was questionable. Let’s hope that Linehan is still going up on the learning curve.

    We are in the middle of the season now with a record of 4-3. We are competing for first place in our division. All is not lost. We need to keep our heads up, work on things that were done poorly, plan for the Chiefs, and remain positive. After all, a lot of this game is mental and a positive attitude is necessary if you want to win.

    Utterblitz’s to do list for the Rams
    1. Block all memories from the last two games
    2. Offensive fumble and recovery practice
    3. Pep talk for the D line
    4. Lecture on angles and effective tackles for taking down running backs
    5. Risk and reward management class for the coaching staff.

    The Rams should be happy that they are not the Steelers. One of the guys in my office wore a Steelers jersey and a paper bag over his head with “from first to worst, has made me thirst, for some IC light” written on it for Halloween. The Rams should also be happy that have a better record than the Hammerheads, my fantasy team which is suffering a severe Clan Cup hangover. Everyone on my team sucks. I have no idea why I did not pick up Bulger as my QB again.

    Happy Halloween to all.


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    Re: Time to think positive

    I agree, i don't think the defense was as bad as the stats showed. They are giving up 4 or 5 huge gains a game. even so, i think the game was closer than the final score, without that fumble, the rams pickup 3 or 7 ponts, and are only down by 4,, or tied. that fumble was huge, it took the momentum away from the rams and they kept chasing that 14 points the rest of the game. Another missed oportunity was the long incompletion late in the game,,,, can't remember which Rams receiver, but it was the play that linehan challenged. A catch there puts them in quick scoring position and gives them momentum. Even with the loss, I was pleased to see the offense put up 24 points against one of the better defenses in the league. too bad merriman was available for the game, smart move on his part to appeal so he could play against good Rams team. He single-handedly caused 2 or 3 punts. on your list, i would add that the rams should try to pickup a playmaker for ko and punt returns. be nice to have a slasher help give us good field position. maybe rams could pickup recently released A. Hakim. I think rams have a decent shot to finish 10-6, with the next couple of games being a measure of the team's ability to improve.


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