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    Ending on a High Note...

    Ending on a high note…
    By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

    Like I’ve been saying for a long time now, we do have a future, and Linehan (whether you like it or not) will be a part of it. No matter what we say about him, he did get the right o-coordinator and setup the offense how he wants it to be and eventually we made it pretty damn successful. The last three games weren’t teams that were amazing or anything, but their defense was known to be pretty good and our offense came when we needed it the most. And typical Rams style, it pretty much saved our season (in regard to getting a better record).

    One thing that is going to be different from now on is our drafts and free-agents we pick up. One thing I noticed and absolutely loved about the new coaches we got was the fact that they were very aggressive to obtain the players they wanted. I think (especially on paper…) that the draft was a successful one. We did our best to get players that would come in and help and sure enough we got a few players that have shown us that they’ll be pretty good players in the future (Especially Tye Hill, he impressed me a lot this year.).

    I think at this point if the offense and the offensive line keep up the good work they’ve been doing over that 3 winning game span; we can really focus on defense in the off-season and hopefully get a better pass rush, and be able to stop the run efficiently. If we can just do that (which is easier said than done of course…); we’re easily the NFC West champs and serious competitors in the playoffs. I mean, come on…who is going to stop the surging Steven “wonder” Jackson and Mr. Accurate Marc Bulger? If our defense can hold against a team just a few times we could’ve been in the playoffs already!

    One thing that does concern me though…is it too late? Are the *****, Cardinals and Seahawks going to do some big changes this off season too? I hope not, but it seems like the toughest team at this point are the whiners. It kills me to say that this team could be the next NFC East “dominant” division, but hey it could happen. We could be the powerhouse of the NFC next year. I just hope we didn’t let up a huge opportunity to the playoffs. But then again…whatever happens, happens for a reason.

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Ending on a High Note...

    I agree with you that our division in the near future could be the STAR division of the NFC.Hopefully we will be on the top of the division but we did end our season off in a good way even though we missed out on the playoffs.We need to have a big off-season so we can stay ahead of the game and strengthen our defense.Our defense improved as the year went on but their are still some key positions and players we need 2 add 2 the roster before we have a really good def.Lets hope we make some good FA moves and draft the right people so we can be in the playoffs next year and shut up all the talk about the Rams being a dieing team.Last but not least lets hope Holt has a full recovery and the team has a big off-season so we get tha push to become an elite team that i know we have the potential to become.


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