This game MUST be a W…
By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

I’m going to write something over 500 hundred words, yes this is true…but I am going to make this short and sweet and overall…to the point. The truth is, if we don’t win pretty much every game, we’re virtually screwed in terms of going to the playoffs. Did I think we could have a chance at the playoffs? Well, at 4-1, I honestly did, and I honestly thought maybe this wasn’t going to be a transition year…Silly me.

After losing 4 in a row, if there’s a 5th, our season is over, which could be a blessing in disguise. There are always possibilities with or without a win this Sunday for playoff aspirations, but pretty much this is out, depending on how the Seattle-San Francisco game goes. But, I say if we do lose this game, it will let the rookies we drafted this year to play more, because hey, it’s not like we really need to win right? It’s a horrible mentality and you can always rephrase it, but in the end, that’s how it comes out, verbally or not, that’s what the truth is.

I say great, because it’s going to be tough to win pretty much every game for the rest of the season, especially with the defense we have. Fortunately we did get a few players after the Seattle game, some special teams’ players, so that’ll be a boost in that department. We shall see, this is going to be a very interesting era with Linehan aboard as head coach. I do think good things will come with the Rams in the next few years, but right now it’s highly unlikely.

I think we had a great draft this year, and it does show Linehan has smarts. It really does, so there are two things to look at really. Say we do win in Carolina; do we do what Miami did last year? Win, what 6 in a row? Well, it will be tough, but Linehan and Co. did it last year with the Dolphins. We clearly have a better offense than them, and yes, they did have a better defense than us, but after seeing what we did in Seattle’s second half (even though they were backups), we did a good job. If we can keep that up, there’s always that possibility of getting that wildcard spot.

Then there’s the other scenario which I think is pretty much going to happen. We lose at Carolina Sunday and we test our rookies. I’d like to see Wroten, Alston, etc all play more, and see what they can do. We still want to win games, have a decent record, but it’ll be interesting to see what they can do…What else do we have to lose right? So, hey lets see what happens Sunday. Either which way, whatever happens is meant to be, and hopefully is for the better, even if it may look bad…