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    Marc's Words...

    Bulger’s words…
    By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

    Marc Bulger spoke up as we all know after a devastating loss to one of, if not the worst team in football…oh yeah, and at home. Well, let’s just say Marc is not so happy right now. The loss (which is one of the most pathetic this year, considering the team we played) really set back Marc, and made him do something very uncharacteristic of him. He actually spoke! In all seriousness, the man who spoke of very few words; one who when speaking means it, spoke out against his teammate’s efforts on the field. He felt they didn’t care and just wanted a paycheck, and not that many people cared about the organization.

    Before I continue, I just want to applaud him. This was something that he usually never does (has he ever done this?) and for it to happen, there must be some serious issues that we aren’t fully aware of. But, this leads me to my weekly article’s topic…Is this the medicine, the antidote that will make this team have a backbone? I cannot say if this is the cure to a menacing disease, but it’s definitely something that you’d think would inspire a person(s). If I was one of the people he was referring to, I would definitely start trying a lot harder because of that. Its one thing if Terrell Owens is speaking out (which is what, every week for the past 5 years?), but this is a man speaking out who is desperately seeking some courage, some character, some devotion! Something we haven’t seen with the Rams offensive line or defense in a long, long time.

    To me, I think its way too easy to be honest with all of you. I want it to spark some life into the players who don’t care, but I just don’t think that’s going to cut it. I firmly believe that if anyone is going to make believers out of a bunch of good for nothing “athletes”, then it’d have to be head coach Scott Linehan. If Bulger isn’t that medicine, I think Linehan is, well at least the head coach should be (in this type of situation). What we haven’t seen from Linehan is some fire…yes we’ve seen it on the sidelines here and there during games, but it just doesn’t seem that he has any fight in him against his players. To be a good coach, I seriously think that you need to know who needs a kick in the ass and who needs a pat on the back…Well, so far the answer hasn’t been a pat on the back and a large amount of money for most of these guys, has it?

    So I say, work the guys who don’t care to the limit. Make them moan and groan in practice. Make them suffer, and make the other guys who do care for this team, and were trying this whole time, give them the pat on the back. Those are the guys who deserve a pat on the back (Isaac, Torry, Marc, Steven, etc). The rest need some serious devotion and quick if they’re to keep their job (That should be the threat if a player isn’t working hard enough.). Ironically enough, yet ANOTHER huge opportunity is coming to the Rams on Monday night. Are these guys going to embarrass themselves? Or are they going to come out of that locker room in the Edward Jones Dome and get some life in them and play for Marc!? Who are the leaders of this team? Who are the losers? I think a big question will be answered Monday Night as far as devotion goes to this team. As a Rams fan, a word of advice….Don’t blow it again!

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Marc's Words...

    Well Put. And I agree. For Marc to come out publicly only means we are in disarray within the leadership. Primary the coaches. The players who do not wish to make a difference need to be held accountable and fined if needed to get them to realize the importance of the team concept.
    Monday Night is huge. They need to play very well and be willing to lay all out on the line.

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    Re: Marc's Words...

    Very good and accurate comment, V6. I hope MB has awoken the minds of those that may be indifferent or lackadaisical about their duty, even if it pertains to one individual in particular.

    Time to listen and mature or get out of the way.

    This may also be the point where Bulger elevates his own level as a leader and, hopefully, from a player's perspective, achieves the offense to click as it should.

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    Re: Marc's Words...

    Maybe it's time to clean house with some of these guys, some don't deserve to wear the blue and gold and should be dealt with.


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