Offensive/Defensive Vets of the Year for the St. Louis Rams

By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

Offensive Vet of the Year for the Rams

The offensive veteran of the year for the Rams will more than likely be Steven Jackson. Not only do fantasy owners think itll be his break out year, but everyone in general knows this guy has some serious talent and can carry the bulk of the offense for the Rams. I, too, agree with the rest of the crowd that itll be his year. I honestly believe this is his time to shine; there are really no more excuses for this guy. The only way he should be going is up, and I mean in yards and in stats and just everything in general. So, I do firmly believe with head coach Scott Linehan, Jackson will get his touches, and shouldnt complain. I am sort of concerned with the line, but hey, Jackson has said things like Just give me the damn ball. And has just complained about it all season, so there really are no excuses, and if he thinks by him getting the ball that well win, I think well all be happy, he said hed be! So, LinehanGive him the damn ball, and lets win some games. Hands down, vet of the year.

Defensive Vet of the Year for the Rams

At this point, it sort of is hard to say, but if I had to choose right now. Itd be Will Witherspoon. Hes an amazing athlete, he was our biggest free-agency pickup, what we all expect is a lot of success from this guy, so may as well have him as the defensive vet of the year. Hes our new middle linebacker, and Haslett (a mastermind of defense), has made it clear that hes a better middle linebacker than he was weak-side. So, hopefully hes right, and well see some awesome things from this guy. After all, we do expect it, right? Hes originally from the Carolina Panthers who have had a pretty good defense the past few years, and hes certainly going to bring that mentality here to St. Louis (Which we need desperately.). Even with that in mind, its going to be great having a new leader out there, who can show the other guys how to be rough and tough in the NFL.

Runner ups


I think the offensive runner up, is sort of obvious. Should I even say his name? Mr. Consistent is just his nickname. Ok, ok, its Torry Holt! Year after year you can count on this guy to score for you. Hes been one of our best wide receivers since his rookie season. No one in the league really respects this guy, everyone totally forgets about him because he doesnt talk smack to other players. He doesnt need publicity to get player of the year for us! Hes incredible, always has been, always will be, end of story, if there were no Jackson, hed be the main man (Well, obviously, hes the runner up!).


What can I say; its still tough to say right now who will be great and who wont. So Im going to be safe on this call, and go with Pisa Tinoisamoa. Hes been with us, for three years, hes entering his fourth year with us right now, and honestly, he is our best linebacker right now. Pisa wont disappoint, I honestly believe this guy will do some great things this season, especially with the new defense being installed; its anyones game, but honestly, I think he deserves it, so Im giving him the runner up.