Play Offs?
By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

Realistically, I say it’s a big no. Would I like to see it? Yes, of course, and I still have hope, but I have more doubt than hope/trust. Realistically, to have a shot we do have to actually win pretty much all the games coming up, you never know who’s going to upset one another in the NFL, and that can make it better or worse for the Rams, more than likely worse…unfortunately. The thing is our defense is not capable of stopping the run, and sooner or later, no matter what kind of streak we may be on…it’s going to come back and bite us in the ass.

Offensively, the balance we witnessed against the ***** was a pleasant surprise, and it showed that we can get it done…sometimes. I was happier with Greg Olsen making the play calls, but is that going to last? Hopefully Olsen can really show he knows what he’s doing offensively with this talented group of NFL players because if he can’t, we’re screwed. Bulger is a great quarterback, but he really needs more help from everyone, and hopefully if this balanced attack continues (Which ironically, the only time we had a touchdown throw against the *****, it was actually a quite unbalanced strategy…weird.) there will be less stress on Marc, and he’ll perform better. I am a strong believer in setting up the running game and getting the passing game going. I think there was too much pressure for Marc (Not many quarterbacks can do what he’s been asked to do…) to single handedly win ball games. We need that balance…can Greg get it done?

Defensively, I am lost. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t know what to say about the absolutely disgusting run defense we have. Every week I could lose weight because each Sunday I’d want to vomit every time I saw the Rams defense try to make a tackle on a running back. It may be what system Haslett has tried to fit in, or maybe the guys just need to get used to it first. I think Haslett is still the man to coach the defense, but for this year (unless by some miracle, they turn into a good defense against the run) if I had to grade Haslett I’d give him a C-. He’d be a D if it weren’t for the influence he had on the free-agents this year.

So…can we really make the playoffs? Is the word “playoffs” really something we can use with “The Rams” in one sentence? I am hoping so, but unless the defense steps up big time, I am in much doubt for this team to even get near a playoff berth.

SIDE NOTE: We aren't the best defense in the world, but the passing game isn't that great for our opponents ever since Travis Fisher went on IR...:x Gee Who would've thought?