Why I would be surprised if we got to the Playoffs from what I've seen so far...
By Jake Cohn (Varg6)

Well, first off, this team is way too young to get to the playoffs. Sure we are off to a great start, and Iíd (obviously) love to see us go to the playoffs, but I just think itís out of our reach this season. Too many first year things that can definitely go wrong during mid- season. Do I think weíll have a great team next year? I sure as hell do! But like Iíve said before, this is really a transition year that we really canít have many expectations for. I think that weíre a very talented team with experts quickly becoming believers. (I never thought Iíd say that before!)

With the fans also becoming believers along with me in a way, we still have a long ways to go. Think about it, this has been a good schedule thus far, but itís going to get tough during the middle of the season. The Bears are obviously contenders for the Super Bowl and weíre going to play them on national TV Monday night during the mid-season. I know itís only one game that is definitely a possible loss (And donít forget about the still NFC West Champs, Seahawks.), but putting that aside. I just feel that our schedule is going to get rough for us. I love the defense, and we happen to be one of the best in the league right now, but I still see inconsistency from our CBís especially.

I canít stress enough about how our season can go drastically wrong. If weíre going to be playoff contenders, we need to not only beat the Seattle Seahawks, both times, but also finally beat the *****. Those games are ridiculous, we havenít beaten them since í04 I believe. 3 games weíve lost in a row to them. Yet they still produce basically nothing, I donít know what it is with those games, but they do something to win just those games. I think there are too many hurdles in this season to overcome. But hey, we really could, Iíd love to be optimistic and think we can jump all those hurdles, and still get to the playoffs, but I just have my doubts.

The Rams definitely do have the talent to become playoff contenders, even Super Bowl champions, we fans especially know this. We got the skills, and the better defense to do that, but we just need to stay consistent, itís still early and even some experts are becoming believers like I said earlier, but honestly for me itís too early. I think once we beat the Seahawks I think then we can honestly say we have a chance to go to the playoffs. But as of right now, I am still of need of some proof. With the schedule weíve had thus far (Besides DenverÖ), it hasnít been that tough of a schedule, so once we get to the tougher games, and if we win, then I will be a true believer. As of now, I am still skepticalÖ