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    ClanRam Cup

    Thought I would bring everyone up to date on this years battle for the ClanRam Cup. Keep in mind that each team in the League plays 14 regular season games. There are 2 Conferences, the Blue Conference and the Gold Conference. 4 teams from each conference make the Playoffs. The Playoffs are run just like the NFL. Meaning that 1 winner from each Conference will play for the coveted ClanRam Cup. The regular season is played like the old AFL/NFL days. Blue Conference teams play only each other during the regular season, ditto for the Gold Conference. There are no Inter-Conference games during the regular season.

    The Defending Champions of the ClanRam Cup are the Hammerheads.

    ClanRam League

    Gold Conference Standings

    BA Bombers----------(8-2)-1025 pts
    Flagellant Pornstars--(7-3)--863 pts
    AlphaRam------------(7-3)--860 pts
    Donkey Punching-----(6-4)--846 pts
    Golden Picaros-------(5-5)--918 pts
    The Goats-----------(5-5)--823 pts
    The Blazing Kilts------(5-5)--776 pts
    Supertroopers--------(4-6)--798 pts
    Jackie Slaters Stars---(4-6)--731 pts
    NY RAMFAN-----------(3-7)--808 pts
    greatest-show--------(3-7)--742 pts
    RamsFan16-----------(3-7)--636 pts

    Blue Conference Standings

    The Silencers----------(9-1)---993 pts
    Bar-bq06--------------(8-2)---945 pts
    Dominators------------(7-3)---898 pts
    ramsbruce-------------(6-4)---832 pts
    The Mighty Bombjacks--(5-5)---888 pts
    gr8estshowonturf-------(5-5)---856 pts
    The Jon-Johns----------(4-5-1)-739 pts
    The flying jaguars-------(4-6)---774 pts
    tatersalad--------------(4-6)---730 pts
    IH8THE49'S-------------(3-7)---894 pts
    STL Freds--------------(2-7-1)-755 pts
    Hammerheads-----------(2-8)---673 pts

    * Important note- total pts are used for the first tie breaker

    As you can see there are 4 games left in the regular season and each game has become critical for the teams trying to advance to the Playoffs.

    My team is in the Blue Conference, therefore I have access to all the the remaining matchups and rosters. Unfortunately I don't have the same access to the Gold Conference. AlphaRam has been posting the Gold Conference Standings in the Fantasy forum. Thanks to AlphaRam for the updates.
    If someone from the Gold Conference would like to add any updated info regarding their Conference to this article please do.

    As far as the Blue Conference playoff picture goes there are alot of key matchups left in the regular season. For instance this week has the gr8estshowonturf playing The Mighty Bombjacks. At the same time ramsbruce is taking on Bar-bq06. Next week has The Mighty Bombjacks playing ramsbruce.

    Although no team as been eliminated from the Playoff picture as yet. The Silencers,Bar-bq06 and the Dominators certainly have the inside track to the Playoffs.

    Individual Leaders

    Top 5 QB's
    Donovan McNabb--233 pts
    Peyton Manning---211 pts
    Michael Vick-------185 pts
    Drew Brees--------176 pts
    MARC BULGER------173 pts

    Top 5 WR's
    Marques Colston----124 pts
    Javon Walker-------123 pts
    Reggie Wayne------110 pts
    TORRY HOLT--------110 pts
    Darrell Jackson------108 pts

    Top 5 RB's
    Ladainian Tomlinson-238 pts
    Larry Johnson-------188 pts
    Willie Parker---------153 pts
    STEVEN JACKSON----147 pts
    Brian Westbrook-----140 pts

    Top 5 TE's
    Marques Colston----------124 pts
    Alge Crumpler--------------78 pts
    Tony Gonzalez-------------72 pts
    Kellen Winslow-------------71 pts
    Todd Heap/Antonio Gates---67 pts

    Top 5 Kickers
    Robbie Gould----------98 pts
    JEFF WILKINS---------88 pts
    Nate Kaeding----------87 pts
    Shayne Graham--------76 pts
    John Carney-----------71 pts

    Top 5 Defenses
    Ravens-----------------116 pts
    Bears-------------------101 pts
    Jaguars------------------87 pts
    Eagles-------------------86 pts
    Chargers-----------------82 pts

    The surprise Fantasy Player this year on an individual basis is Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints. Colston is a Rookie who can play either WR or TE.

    So there you have it. A brief look at the battle for the ClanRam Cup. Maybe you can figure out who some of the coaches of their respective teams are?
    The Blazing Kilts? Hmmmmm?

    Good luck to all the coaches, we are now in crunch time!
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    Exclamation Re: ClanRam Cup

    Right now, in the Gold League the top three seeds look like they will be difficult to unseat, as none of them have had a particularly poor outing in some time. BA Bombers and Flagellent Pornstars have had some huge games this season, and AlphaRam hasn't lost since Week 5.

    That fourth playoff spot still looks like it is up for grabs, though, with Donkey Punching holding the tie-breaker for the time being. The Goats have the same record but are only 15 points behind in scoring. The Golden Picaros are one game back but with 72 points more than Donkey Punching (second in scoring only to BA Bombers). They've scored 100+ points four weeks in a row, but they've also got maybe the toughest schedule of anyone down the stretch. The Blazing Kilts are right there at 5-5, too, and the owner isn't afraid to switch out half his roster to take advantage of matchups.

    We've got a number of significant matchups coming up at the top: This week no. 1 BA Bombers and no. 2 FlagellantPornstars square off. AlphaRam faces the Blazing Kilts, Donkey Punching, and BA Bombers all at .500 or better. Likewise, the Golden Picaros face the BA Bombers, FlagellantPornstars, and Donkey Punching in the weeks to come.

    Of the teams that are at 5-5 or 6-4...
    Donkey Punching's remaining opponents are a combined 18-22, The Goats' opponents are 15-25, Golden Picaros' opponents are 25-15, and Blazing Kilts' opponents are 19-21. But it's still mathematically possible for the 3-7 teams to make the playoffs with a big finish.

    Here are the latest standings:

    Rank Team W-L-T Pts Streak
    1. BA Bombers 8-2-0 1025.00 L-1
    2. FlagellantPornstars 7-3-0 863.00 W-2
    3. AlphaRam 7-3-0 861.00 W-5 8 26 W-5
    4. Donkey Punching 6-4-0 846.00 L-2
    5. The Goats 6-4-0 831.00 W-1
    6. Golden Picaros 5-5-0 918.00 W-3
    7. The Blazing Kilts 5-5-0 776.00 L-1
    8. Supertroopers 4-6-0 798.00 L-3
    9. NY RAMFAN 3-7-0 808.00 W-1
    10. greatest-show 3-7-0 . 742.00 W-1
    11. Jackie Slaters Stars 3-7-0 731.00 L-1
    12. RamsFan16nigga 3-7-0 629.00 L-2

    I'm pulling for my Golden Picaros, but it's looking like they may have to settle for being the most prolificly scoring team not to make the playoffs.

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    Re: ClanRam Cup

    Honestly I forgot whaat the name of my team was, I think it was the dominators but I have no idea!
    Built RAM tough

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    Re: ClanRam Cup

    Wait nevermind I'm not in this league, LOL!
    Built RAM tough

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    Re: ClanRam Cup

    Quote Originally Posted by ramsplaya16 View Post
    Wait nevermind I'm not in this league, LOL!
    Look up my team name and look at my last opponent. I whooped your butt this past week. I hope that helps you find your team!

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    Re: ClanRam Cup

    I don't have the link to the site, can you post it for me?
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