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    Five Hundred!

    There has been alot of History made on the way to our 500th win.

    On January 11th, 1946 Dan Reeves (Owner) of the Cleveland RAMS pressured the NFL to allow his team to relocate because of poor fan attendance figures. He wanted to move the team to Los Angeles and it's 92,000 seat Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. So in 1946 the deal was struck but the Commissioners of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum had a stipulation. The NFL didn't allow African-Americans to play in the league. So part of the agreement was that the RAMS had to be intergrated. As a result, the team signed UCLA players Kenny Washington and Woody Strode, who became the first two blacks to play in the NFL, Post World War II.

    In 1948, halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on the RAMS helmets, making the first modern helmet emblem in pro football.

    The (9-1) RAMS won their first league Championship in 1945 defeating the Redskins 15-14. They won their next league Championship in 1951 defeating the Browns 24-17.

    Memorable Headcoaches (winning %, Superbowls or League Championships)
    1945-46 Adam Walsh (16-5-1) .772, League Championship 1945
    1950-52 Joe Stydahar (19-9) .678, League Championship 1951
    1966-70 George Allen (49-19-4) .708
    1973-77 Chuck Knox (57-20-1) .737
    1978-82 Ray Malavasi (43-36) .544 Lead us to our first Superbowl appearance.
    1997-99 Dick vermeil (25-26) .490 Lead us to our first and only Superbowl win.
    2000-05 Mike Martz (56-36) .608 Lead us to our third Superbowl appearance.

    #7- Bob Waterfield
    #29-Eric Dickerson
    #74-Merlin Olson
    #78-Jackie Slater
    #85-Jack Youngblood

    RAMS in the Hall of Fame:
    HC- George Allen
    #76- Bob Brown
    #29- Eric Dickerson
    #55- Tom Fears
    #40- Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch
    #75- Deacon Jones
    #65- Tom Mack
    #74- Merlin Olson
    Owner- Dan Reeves
    #78- Jackie Slater
    #25- Norm Van Brocklin
    #7- Bob Waterfield
    #85- Jack Youngblood

    There have been alot of memorable games on the way to our 500th win. I'm going to list the games that stick out in my mind. I'm sure we all have differing opinions on which memorable games apply.

    First of all starting back in 1969 either the Minnesota Vikings or the Dallas Cowboys prevented us from making the Superbowl on numerous occassions.

    Here's a build up to my first memorable game.

    1969-RAMS lost to the Vikings (23-20) in the Conference Championship game.
    1973-RAMS lost to the Cowboys (27-16) in the Divisional Playoffs.
    1974-RAMS lost to the Vikings (14-10) in the Conference Championship game.
    1975-RAMS lost to the Cowboys (37-7) in the Conference Championship game.
    1976-RAMS lost to the Vikings (24-13) in the Conference Championship game.
    1977-RAMS lost to the Vikings (14-7) in the Divisional Playoffs.
    1978-RAMS lost to the Cowboys (28-0) in the Conference Championship game.

    Are you sick of the Vikings and Cowboys yet?

    Memorable games = ***

    1979-Rams Finally beat the Cowboys*** (21-19) Lead by Headcoach Ray Malavasi. We then went on to shutout the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ***(9-0). We made it, we finally made it to the Superbowl, #XIV. Our opponets was the Mighty Pittsburgh Steelers***.
    Superbowl XIV was very memorable for me because first of all we were in it. Most of all because I felt like our (9-7) RAMS were going to get embarrassed on the big stage.
    Quite the contrary, the RAMS made me proud for 3 quarters of hard hitting back and forth football. We actually had the lead after 3 quarters 19-17. The 4th quarter spelled our doom and we lost 31-19. Great game though.

    1999- There is one regular season game from 99" that is very memorable for me. The opponent was the dreaded Whiners***. The Whiners had beaten us 17 straight games dating back to 1990. Our first matchup of the 99" season was in the DOME and we beat the Whiners 41-20.
    Still in 1999- The playoff beating we layed on the Minnesota Vikings*** to the tune of 49-37, the game wasn't even that close. Also it was that old nemisis Viking franchise.
    Still in 1999- "The Catch" by Ricky Proehl to lead us past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers*** 11-6. Funny how getting to our first two Superbowl appearances we had to defeat Tampa Bay.

    SUPERBOWL XXXIV***- By far is the most memorable game in my opinion. For obvious reasons, WE WON!!!!

    2001- We beat the Packers*** in the playoffs (45-17), intercepting Brett Favre 6 times and forcing 2 fumbles for a total of 8 takeaways.

    Still in 2001- After leading the Conference Championship game for most of the first half only to have the Philadelphia Eagles*** take the lead 17-13 with :50 left in the half. Then very un-Mike Martz like, Martz starts out the 2nd half by calling 7 straight Marshall Faulk running plays. The move accomplished 2 things, first we marched down the field to kick a fg and bring us within 1 point but also let the EAGLES know we weren't one dimensional and they needed to adjust to our new plan of attack. This victory was clinched when Aeneas Williams intercepted Donovan McNabb thwarting the Eagles final drive. RAMS win 29-24!!!

    SUPERBOWL XXXVI***- A memorable game for all the wrong reasons. Don't get me started!

    2004 playoffs- Our (8-8) RAMS go on the road and beat the Seattle Seahawks***, 27-20.
    With the score tied 20-20 Marc Bulger hits Cam Cleeland with a 17 yard touchdown pass. Seattle with 2:05 on the game clock start a drive that brings them to the RAMS 5 yard line. 4th and 4, :27 left in the game. Matt Hasselbeck throws a pass that hits Bobby Engram in the chest in the end zone. Engram drops the pass!!!! Engram dropped the ball!!! WE WIN, WE WIN!!!!

    As I stated earlier, I'm sure we all have our favorite/memorable games. Please share with us the details of your favorites/ memorables.


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    Thumbs down Re: Five Hundred!

    :l When counting victories, 500 is a nice number indeed!

    Two thumbs up LARAM0! Love this kind of info (related to Rams that is). Thanks.

    As for your list of memorable games from 1969 to 78, no doubt they are that. And yet, I try ... I try to not connect my memory to those. Too painful. But in a paradoxical and nostalgic way, they too are glorious.


    One of my personal and unforgettable Rams games that I enjoy bringing up here is the thriller played at the Coliseum on Dec. 9, 1967. [Those of you that might have read this story before, please excuse the repetition. I tell it a little differently every time but always truthfully. :-)]

    That year, 1967, was to me, an excited Rams fan teen, truly historical. It ended up being the only season where we lost only one game (okay, we also tied two). It was Coach Allen's second year with the Rams and that season his warriors, ready and willing...

    a) Scored the most points in the NFL*, 398 in 14 games -- not bad even for the 16 that are played today (which would almost avg. 25 a game); we had a great OL.

    b) Allowed fewest points in the NFL*, 196.

    Oh, believe me, we had an awesome defense! An all around superb D based on the Fantastic Fearsome Foursome who were in their absolute prime. But the other 7 positions also worked magnificently together with the front four. Look at this: only 22 TDs scored against us (keep in mind 14 games were played then, that's 1.5 TD per game). INTs? ...Can you say 32.

    How's that for achieving two major team goals! Most points scored in the league and fewer points allowed, the same year. Not sure if any other team has done that.

    c) Won what was then the new Coastal Division of the Western Conference: Colts - Falcons - Rams - Whiners. The Colts finished with an identical 11-1-2 record that year but we got the title based on the tiebraker (guess who were the only ones to defeat them).

    d) Made Pro Bowl extravaganza. ...9 of them! QB Roman Gabriel; RB Les Josephson; Receivers Bernie Casey and Jack Snow; G Tom Mack; DL Roger Brown, Deacon Jones, and Merlin Olsen (see LARAM0s current avatar); LB Maxie Baughan (see my current avatar).

    e) Won last eight games in a row. Nice streak I would say.

    f) Confirmed decidedly and forevermore my Rams fanhood. In 65 and 66 I liked them a lot but 1967 etched my love for the team with a loyalty that has never once failed, even during this tough season of 2007.

    g) George Allen is NFL Coach of the year. Turned the team around into winners as soon as he took over as HC in '66. He in fact never had a losing season.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Week 13. That game, next before last of '67, was a MUST win in order to make playoffs. The Rams had to stay in the race, neck to neck, with the powerful and undefeated Colts**. It was such a critical match and the Rams, having won the hearts of Los Angeles, found themselves making history off the field too: this was the 1st sellout before gameday since moving from Cleveland in 1946 (they used to have massive attendances at the huge Memorial Coliseum in the 50s and 60s***, BTW).

    Back on the field though, problem was that our next-before-last game was against ... SB Champs, the Green Bay Packers with Mr. Vincent Lombardi. They were already into the playoffs but Coach Lombardi had always maintained there was no such thing as a 'meaningless' game for the Packers. And they proved it.

    What a game it was, a hard fought battle that day in L.A. We were down 24-20 very late in the 4th with Green Bay in possesion of the ball; however, our D -- oh, but we had a great defense -- held them 3 and out. In comes lefty punter/RB star Donnie Anderson to kick from the Packer 41 with less than a minute left in the game.

    ...And in comes Rams Tony Guillory! A spunky Special Teams and backup LB, making his way passed the center, charging with arms in the air, almost falling, just reaching the punted ball to block it hard.


    It had been a strong rush and four, five, six Rams met around the ball as it went backwards. DB Claude Crabb scooped it up and ran with it toward the Packer end zone surrounded by Rams. Incredibly, Anderson the punter managed to bring him down at the 5 yard line. Still, the Coliseum was roaring and shaking with elation.

    Rams offense is now in for battle with The Roman General calling the signals. 1st and goal from the 5 ... 37 seconds remain on the clock: incomplete pass as nearly 70 thousand fans nervously shorten their fingernails. 2nd play also has the looks of a pass, Snow to the left, Casey to the right. Big Bernie runs a pattern into the end zone and breaks across to the left where a pass from Gabriel meets him in ramtastic excellence.

    That, my friends, was an electrifying TD!!!

    The crowd has simply gone wild. And so have the Rams. After time expires the team invades the field and players jump up and down like little children. Coach Allen is carried on the shoulders of ecstatic Rams and fans everywhere are all smiles and celebration. So good to the soul.

    No, I wasn't there to see it, I was a junior highschool kid in northern Mexico. But I had become a Rams fan in '65 and sometimes had access to american TV, newspapers and/or sports / football magazines which I devoured when they contained Rams articles and pictures.

    And I vividly recall that victory. ...What a game! :bash:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    PS: The following weekend brought the season finale and next do-or-die game. A dominating Rams team went on to hand the Colts their first defeat 34-10 (Unitas was sacked 7 times). For more on this particular game, see a recount by Roman Gabriel himself here:

    *. - That's both NFL and AFL (they later merged in 1970).

    **. - The famous and formidable Baltimore Colts with the legendary Johny Unitas (the Ravens did not exist then of course).

    ***. - Over 100,000 in attendance during some 1957-58 games. The 1967 squad was the first NFL team to surpass one million spectators in a season, a feat the Rams would repeat the following year. In each of those two years, the L.A. Rams drew roughly double the number of fans that could be accommodated by their current stadium for a full season.
    -- Source: / Rams history.
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