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    Homer says; Rams upset Chargers

    There have been several outlooks and opinions pertaining to this Sundays game expressed on the ClanRam site this week. We have been visited by several very nice Charger fans.(MadMadigan, BoltPride & Airfouts to name a few) The bantering back and forth has been very informative and cordial from both sides. It's been a pleasure communicating with realistic/reasonable fans unlike some of the Whiner and Seahawks fans that visit our site. I guess the tone could be different if the Chargers were a divison rival? The Chargers fans have been true to their team touting their #1 ranked defense and #4 ranked offense. After all the Chargers are a 9 point favorite over our Rams.
    Why? How is it that a team that finished (9-7) last season with but a few changes is that heavy of a favorite? The experts must believe that the Rams have been lucky this season. Or we are still flying under the radar.

    Let's be aware that the NFL rankings are based on average yardage allowed/gained per game. In my opinion points scored/allowed are alot more important. After all it doesn't matter how or why the points are scored. The important stat is what was the final score? So based on that approach to the rankings the Chargers are ranked #3 scoring and #5 allowing while the Rams are ranked #11 scoring and #16 allowing.

    As we all know the Chargers are coming into this game a bit wounded on the defensive side of the ball. We also know that it took 3 games for our offense to start clicking. Advantage Rams.

    The Chargers offense started out fast but has tailed off against the better teams in the AFC. (I'll explain later) Likewise for the Rams defense. Advantage Chargers

    With the multi-talented LaDainian Tomlinson leading the Chargers offense the Rams will have their hands full. This guy is a triple threat via the run, receptions and passing.(Fantasy Football Monster) Along with L.T. their other standout offensive threat is TE Antonio Gates. These 2 guys are arguably the best at their positons. Yeah but. How come the Chargers are just (4-2) with such high rankings?


    Week 1:
    Chargers went to Oakland and blanked the hapless Raiders 27-0.

    Week 2:
    Tennessee Titans visited San Diego in a state of confusion (Kerry Collins at QB) The Chargers man handled the Titans 40-7.

    Week 3:
    The bye week. Chargers needed a rest after out scoring their opponents to the tune of 67-7. Very fast start.

    Week 4:
    Chargers first test of the season at Baltimore. The Ravens stingy defense and mediocre offense beat the Chargers 16-13. Marty Ball?

    Week 5:
    Defending Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers arrive at San Diego with Big Ben struggling as the Chargers win 23-13. No Jerome Bettis or Randle El I might add.

    Week 6:
    I have to applaud the Chargers as they went to San Fran and layed a beatin' on the Whiners to the tune of 48-19. Yahooooo!

    Week 7:
    While playing at KC probably the toughest road venue in the league the Chargers suffered a 30-27 loss.

    So in my opinion the Chargers seem to be a bit overranked. 3 of their wins have been against teams in the rebuilding mode.(Raiders,Titans,Whiners) none of which boast formidable offenses or defenses. The Ravens and Steelers have tough defenses but the starting QB's for both hadn't hit there stride yet.
    The Chiefs beat the Chargers with their back-up QB starting and Larry Johnson having a big game. The Chiefs fans and defense, defense? Chiefs? was said to have rattled Philip Rivers in this game.

    To the Chargers credit they have protected their house with a 2-0 record and have played 4 road games at 2-2.

    The all important "POWER RANKINGS" have the Chargers at #10 down from #6 and the Rams are at #16 down from #14.

    The game facts are showing that the Chargers schedule and timing of it has been in the Chargers favor. Another tid bit of information is that the Chargers are on a 9 game losing streak when the final score is decided by 4 points or less. (MadMadigan) On the otherhand The Rams have played all one possession games this season and have survived with a 4-2 record.

    My outlook/opinion for this game is that it will be another one possession game
    and high scoring. The Chargers running game scares me against our less than average run defense. While our offense, especially the passing attack should do very well against an injury weakened Chargers D with a less than average secondary.

    Rams playing on the road, outdoors vs a Top 5 ranked AFC team:

    Rams are underated and this season have played to the level of their competiton. Let's not forget the Rams beat the 5-1 Broncos, probably the best team in the AFC West.

    So who wins?

    Homer takes over---- Rams 41 Chargers 40

    This article is no way intended to come across as "SMACK". I'm simply sharing my outlook and mixing in my opinions.
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    Re: Homer says; Rams upset Chargers

    Nice article laram0. You have a positive outlook on this game. That is good. I wish the Rams had a few of those lopsided wins on their record.

    The Chargers should be ranked up higher than us since they have been putting up the points. Our records may be the same, but they have won many games by a big spread. We had a slow start on offense and have barely won our games.

    We need to prove that we can continue to put up points and let's hope that the defense comes to play for this game. Maybe Haslett has been busy mapping out a good strategy with the extra week to plan for this game.

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    Re: Homer says; Rams upset Chargers

    Rams are underated and this season have played to the level of their competiton. Let's not forget the Rams beat the 5-1 Broncos, probably the best team in the AFC West.
    So who wins?
    Homer takes over---- Rams 41 Chargers 40

    So, who's Homer?

    Next time he gives you advice, smile, nod your head, and ignore it.

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    countless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it send
    hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs
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    day on which the son of Atreus, king of men, and great Achilles, first
    fell out with one another.


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