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Thread: MAJOR bone to pick with the NFL!

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    MAJOR bone to pick with the NFL!

    The NFL Playoffs started last week.

    WILDCARD Round Schedule:

    Saturday 1/7/12
    Bengals @ Texans 4:30pm est

    Lions @ Saints 8:30pm est

    Sunday 1/8/12
    Falcons @ Giants 1pm est

    Steelers @ Broncos 4pm est

    Now we are coming up on the DIVISIONAL Round.

    DIVISIONAL Round Schedule:

    Saturday 1/14/12
    Saints @ Whiners 4:30pm est

    Broncos @ Patriots 8pm est ***

    Sunday 1/15/12
    Texans @ Ravens 1pm est

    Giants @ Packers 4:30pm est

    Okay, it doesn't really matter who won the Steelers @ Broncos game on WILDCARD weekend. Both teams would be at a disadvantage going into the next round of playoffs. How is it that the winner of that game has their week cut short by a day? Because Bob Kraft got his way again. He wanted the Saturday PRIME time slot for his team and his wishes were granted. In all fairness the Broncos @ Patriots game should be played SUNDAY not Saturday. Believe me the Patriots were planning on the Steelers coming to town. A team that beat them this season. The Patriots were looking for any advantage they could get and the NFL handed it to them. There's no reason the NFL couldn't have had the Texans @ Ravens game on Saturday night. Actually it makes more sense, since the Texans played the Saturday before. Just another case of the NFL catering to the Patriots! This in my opinion is a serious issue that the Broncos and even the Steelers need to address. Enough is enough! All the teams that are in the Playoffs should be playing on an even playing field. NO!! not when it comes to the Patriots!

    This may not seem like much to some of you but if our RAMS were in this predicament I would be going off. Sorry if I'm coming across as a cry baby but this whole Fisher thing has me on edge!

    What do you think? Is this a legitimate complaint?
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    Re: MAJOR bone to pick with the NFL!

    It is a legitimate complaint. How can the league do this, seems highly unfair.

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    Re: MAJOR bone to pick with the NFL!

    Quote Originally Posted by RamOG View Post
    It is a legitimate complaint. How can the league do this, seems highly unfair.

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    Re: MAJOR bone to pick with the NFL!

    who cares about the time? they hired Mcdaniels who knew all the snap counts for the broncos line. that hiring move should be illegal for all this talk about bounties and suspensions. Patriots hired mcdaniels a few hours after the Broncos won.
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