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    Preseason Week 2: Chargers 30 Rams 13

    I had a feeling after watching the game last night that there would be alot of negativity on the ClanRam site this morning. Although I haven't read all the new threads and posts attached to them, I've read enough of them. I'm left scratching my head in a total state of confusion. Folks this was a "PRESEASON" game.

    A few other interesting Week 2 Preseason final scores:

    Vikings 37 @ Jets 20
    Titans 27 @ Patriots 24
    Texans 24 @ Cardinals 20

    At Lambeau Field:
    Packers 48 Seahawks 13

    Again, we are still in the "PRESEASON".

    MY TAKE ON OUR GAME: Focusing on the 1st Half

    First of all, no LaDainian Tomlinson and no Steven Jackson. "PRESEASON GAME"

    Week 2 of the "PRESEASON" is generally a good look at the starters for most teams. Usually playing the entire 1st half. That held true for the most part in our game.

    Our first look at Dante' Hall in the HORNS. Dante' makes a nice return to the 35 yard line only to have it called back on a holding penalty. Later in the game Dante' returns a punt for a solid 12 yards. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm excited about Dante' Hall and his potential effect on our special teams return units.

    Our starting offense looked great. It will take a while to get used to the dink and dunk approach. We took the ball and marched downfield on 2 long drives and the turnover bug got us. The Hedgecock fumble or non-fumble was a case of Hedgecock battling for extra yardage and a great strip by the San Diego defender. Bulger's interception was a poor decision on Marc's part. I'm guessing that after dinking and dunking the Chargers defense for 2 impressive drives Marc thought he could catch the Chargers secondary cheating in a bit and burn them long. He was wrong, Torry Holt was double covered one defender short and one long. Still, It's the "PRESEASON" nows the time to make those kind of mistakes and have time to correct them. The O-line did a decent job of pass protecting.(1 sack allowed) The running game wasn't all that impressive (Brian Leonard is no Steven Jackson). Leonard reminds me of a Rocky Bleier/Jim Kiick type of back. He's a grinder with good hands. Having said that, the combination of the short passing game and grinding running game was working fine.

    The starting defense was shaky at best in the secondary. Look the Chargers are a running team. Our front seven did a nice job of clogging up the line and pressuring the quarterback. On the other hand Philip Rivers was picking us apart with his no-name receivers. We had 2 issues that stood out in my mind. Poor pass coverage and missed tackles.

    Obviously the punt return against for a Touchdown was very disappointing. "Missed Tackles" all over the place!!!

    Let me finish by saying the Chargers played a near perfect game. "ZERO TURNOVERS"
    Other than having 7 penalties called against them and a missed extra point the Chargers played a solid game.


    The Chargers only had a total of 258 total net yards on offense for the entire game. The killer was that there quarterbacks were 17/24 passing combined.

    Last nights game showed us all exactly what we've all been talking about this off season. Our Offense is going to be great and put a lot of points on the board. Our run defense looks better but we need improved play from the secondary and on our special teams coverage units. Our special teams return units are going to be alot better thanks to Dante' Hall.

    I will say it again. After enjoying the "Greatest Show On Turf" it will take a while to get used to Linehan's methodical safe grind it out approach to the offensive side of the ball.
    I would like to see a little more risk taking on the offense. Stretch the field more. A happy medium between Mike Martz and Scott Linehan if you will?

    All in all my outlook on our Rams hasn't changed. I'm expecting nothing less than a 9-7 regular season record with the potential to be an NFC WEST DIVISION CHAMPION. Last nights game has not affected my predicition. That being we have a solid playoff bound team.

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    Re: Preseason Week 2: Chargers 30 Rams 13

    I would agree with your assessment. The two things that I am most encouraged with is the use of the tight end in the passing game and the ability to stop the run on defense. Two negatives are the special teams (blocking and tackling, Dante Hall will be a threat but he needs help) and the pass defense.

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    Re: Preseason Week 2: Chargers 30 Rams 13

    I agree that pre-season games are not something to worry about, unless of course you're losing every game 100-0. That said, the only thing that is becoming apparent to me, pre-seaon or not, is that Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks. I've yet to see anything in his throwing ability or accuracy that would warrant his name on an NFL roster. The kid just looks like out of place to me. Of course, he's just our thrid string....thank god. GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Preseason Week 2: Chargers 30 Rams 13

    Hey, everyone cannot be a Rex Grossman. And Fritz is a whole lot better. So as for the preseason games. I say we need to forget those and focus on the first game and the fifth game. That is the true preseason and the real test as to whether the regulars are ready and is this coaching staff on the right track in terms of the personel.
    We have no excuses for not performing well. We have a lot of experienced players and that is the facts. A winning season is the goal. The playoffs are the ultimate goal for Coach Linehans staff. This will prove to us fans that he is on the right track for another NFC championship run.

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    Re: Preseason Week 2: Chargers 30 Rams 13

    I strongly agree that we need to take more chances with our downfield passing. It was a problem last year, especially before Linehan let Olson take over the playcalling duties (culminating obviously with our shutout at Carolina), we were a little too predictable. We need the downfield pass to open up the game for Jackson so they don't stack the box, we need the downfield pass to score points quickly, put pressure on their offense and force them to pass more against our weak run defense and play catch-up. We need more downfield passes, period. Marc can handle it, he's not going to turn the ball over every other play, let's go.

    Oh, btw. nice sig - Jackson doing his imitation of the Leonard Leap, nice!
    Edit: The Jackson image appears to have disappeared, but you know which one I meant...

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