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    RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    Here's the Playoff scenario concerning our RAMS.

    Rams win:

    Giants lose or tie
    Falcons lose or tie
    Panthers lose or tie

    We're in!


    RAMS tie

    Giants, Falcons, Panthers and Packers must all lose and we're in!


    The stress starts on Saturday at 8pm.

    Giants at Redskins. These 2 teams played each other back in week 5 at the Meadowlands. The Giants won that game 19-3. However the Giants have been playing terrible having lost 6 of their last 7 games. Seems like the players have packed it in. Especially after getting spanked by the Saints at home (Tiki Barber's last home game) Sunday.Tom Coughlin seems to have lost this team and Tiki will be going out on a sour note. Redskins win.

    After the Redskins do in fact defeat the Giants the stress picks up again Sunday starting at 1pm.

    Panthers at Saints. This is the game that has me the most nervous. The Panthers beat the Saints back in week 4 at Carolina 21-18. The Panthers are playing for their Playoff lives. On top of that the Saints have clinched the NFC South Division Title as well as a 1st round bye. I am banking on the Saints playing for revenge in front of a fired up home town crowd.
    Saints win. Please!

    Oh Yeah and the RAMS are beating the Vikings during their 1pm start on Sunday. I'll get into that later.

    So after the Saints and Rams win their games the stress continues at 4:15 pm.

    Falcons at Eagles. Falcons are playing for their playoff lives. Unfortunately for them the Eagles are playing for the NFC East Division Title. Eagles win.

    It's not going to happen but just in case the RAMS and Vikings game ends in a tie the stress is back at 8:15pm. The Packers are now in the Playoff scenario because of the way the games have ended earlier in the day.

    Packers at Bears. Green Bay was shutout the 1st week of the season at Lambeau Field by the Bears.(26-0) Packers must win this game; a tie won't help them as the RAMS beat the Packers earlier this season. Rex Grossman still has a lot to prove and this game is at Soldier Field. Bears win.

    So lets go back in time, today, say between the hours of 1-4pm.

    St. Louis RAMS at the Minnesota Vikings

    RAMS (7-8) 3-4 on the road
    Vikings (6-9) 3-4 at home

    RAMS have won 2 in row and the Vikings have lost 2 in a row.

    RANKINGS: (offense)




    Vikings average 17.4 points per game
    RAMS average 21.7 points per game

    Rankings: (defense)


    Rush D

    Pass D
    Vikings-32nd (last)

    Vikings allow an average of 19.1 points per game
    RAMS allow an average of 24 pionts per game

    Vikings(36 takeaways-30 giveaways)=+6
    RAMS (30 takeaways-18 giveaways)= +12

    The Vikings have benched starting qb Brad Johnson in favor of rookie Tarvaris Jackson. Jackson started his first game last Thursday night at Lambeau Field vs. the Packers. Both teams we're playing to stay alive in the NFC Playoff race. Although the weather was not the greatest (rainy,36 degrees with a 10 mph wind) the Vikings lost 9-7. Their only points came via an interception returned for a TD. Tarvaris Jackson played like a rookie starting his 1st NFL game. He was 10/20 passing for 50 yards with 1 int.. The Vikings offense had only three 1st downs the entire game. On top of the poor passing the team only rushed for 77 yards. Very dismal performance for a team battling for a playoff spot. Come on the Packers defense isn't that good.

    What do our RAMS need to do to win this game on the road?

    It's all about our OFFENSE.

    Linehan and his staff need to look back at the tape of the Patriots @ Vikings game on Monday Night, October 30th. The Patriots came into Minnesota and torched their pass defense.Tom Brady dissected the Vikings, throwing the ball approximately 75% of the time. The Patriots set up the run with a more than effective passing game.

    Tom Brady (29/43, 372 yards, 4 TD's) threw to a group of basically no name receivers. Patriots ran the ball only 13 times for 85 yards but averaged 6.5 yards per carry. Call me silly if you want but I'll take our passing offense everyday of the week over the Patriots group. If we approach this game with the blueprint of the Patriots gameplan this will be easy.

    RAMS WIN!!!
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    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    Sounds like another fun day for Bulger...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    I know, I know. It flies in the face of everything that I have said before about we would be better off climbing the draft order than the playoff order, but I can't help myself. Another week of Ram football is just too appealing!

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    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    is that some kind of joke? i'd rather see the rams make the playoffs than get a higher draft pick any day.. hell.. we're probably better off with a middle to later pick anyways, most of the early picks appear to be offensive players with the skill at qb and rb coming into this years draft class.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE! joke. I see that you are new here, but to recap my position from 6 weeks ago, I surmised that I wouldn't be all that upset if we lost the rest of our games (not to say the team should try to lose, or that I would be rooting for the team to lose). I just didn't see us making the playoffs, or if we did, going anywhere in them, so it would be better for the team's rebuilding efforts to get as high as possible in the draft. I don't particularly see any blue chipper in the upper first round that addresses our needs, however, the higher our position, the better bargaining power we have in swapping for a late first round and additional picks (preferably in the second and third rounds). So while I am a rather jocular person, I was serious.

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    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman View Post
    I know, I know. It flies in the face of everything that I have said before about we would be better off climbing the draft order than the playoff order, but I can't help myself. Another week of Ram football is just too appealing!
    Of course you can't help yourself, you're a die-hard Rams fan! You root for the Rams to win every game, that's what you do. Welcome back to the party!

    If the Redskins win on Saturday, I can only imagine what that chat room will be like.

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    Re: RAMS.....We're ALIVE!

    RIP Rams 2006 Playoff Hopes


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