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    Santa Claus is coming to town..

    We all know the feeling, the Xmas tree is up my parents and the neighbors have their homes decorated for the season. Every night there's more of those Xmas shows on. Everyone is anxious for Santa Claus to stop by and leave us all presents. The Rams to me are like Santa Claus was before I learned Santa wasn't real. Hope I didn't just let the cat out of the bag for some of you ? If I did I am truly sorry.

    The anxiety has been gradually intensifying since the Steelers beat the Seahawks to end last season. The NFL draft kicks it up a notch, preseason games 1-3 charge me up some more. Finally the last preseason game comes and goes. This year I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The last preseason game was at the Dolphins and I just happened to be in South Florida at the same time. You guessed it the game was televised, So obviously I watched it and my anxiety cooked some more. I returned from Florida on Saturday, September 2nd, all fired up with a ton of catching up to do. I was now in a full Rams fever. Everyday now it's been Rams shirts to work, Rams Superbowl watch, Rams gold and diamond ring being displayed.
    My fellow employees and family can see the anxiety and fever at it's peak.
    They're not surprised knowing this fever hits this time every year. Every evening after returning home from work, I change into my Rams tank top and shorts for my evening walk/run around the neighborhood. Usually it's mostly walking but this past week I've been doing alot more running, completely fired up ! As I sit Thursday evening watching the pregame hype and the Steelers vs. Dolphins game my heart starts racing even more. Come on let's fast forward the calendar to Sunday ! Shoot, can't allow that to happen. What about my fantasy teams ? I have Bulger, Jackson, Bruce, Curtis, Witherspoon and Chavous on one of my teams. I have to stay on top of the injury situations, trade proposals, free agents and what are the other managers up to. Everyday, multiple times a day following up on all those tasks and running my starting line-ups through my head. Who do I start, Who and where are they playing ? Just what I need another source of pressure.

    Watching NFL Network every night, listening to my Sirius Satellite radio to and from work and everywhere else I happen to go in my Dodge "RAM" Durango.
    Turning up the volume when ever the Rams are discussed.

    It's football, Rams, Football, Rams, Rams Rams. I could RAMble on forever.

    I don't know about the rest of you ? I'm ready for some RAMS football !!!!
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