The internet in my opinion leaves alot to be desired in the sport of smack talking. First of all 99.9% of smacking is on current team info. Those that feel the urge to go back to the past are on the run or defeated. Of course the exception to this is if the topic of smack has to do with the history of teams/players. A couple other issues for me are when a fellow smacker starts attacking the other persons character, this could prove to be dangerous if done face to face, not to mention it's not a part of smacking and shows the weakness of the smacker. Also the inability to read a persons body language. It doesn't matter how many exclamation points and other puncuations that are used, the internet just doesn't allow a true picture of how effective the smacking really is. I do realize that smacking via the internet is sometimes the only way people can throw around their opinions, especially in a fan club setting where people are scattered all over the world. It can be alot of fun provided the smackers are good at it and treat it with respect.

I found the best and most satisfying smacking is with my circle of friends. Like the old saying goes you can run but you can't hide. As an example for the past 8 years myself and 3 close friends have been traveling together. Every March we select a different site to go watch the first 2 rounds of March Madness. We always hold a couple of different smack sessions, 1 being the NFL and the other being MLB. We argue about our favorite NFL teams to no end, What we have is a Cowboys fan, 2 Giants fans and me. Let me just say they were fearful of the fire they would be receiving in March of 2000.
Concerning Major League Baseball it's more of a 2 on 1 with a referee. We have a Red Sox fan and 2 Yankees fans with me as the unbiased referee.
We go through each and every position on both teams comparing strengths and weaknesses of each. These kangaroo courts if you will, get pretty loud and heated but we always stick to the topic at hand. As I said earlier we have been doing this for eight years and I really think our friendships have gotten stronger because of the ability to keep the smacking where it belongs.
We never attack each other on a personal level it's just alot of clean fun.

As most of you know by now I live in the heart of Patriots Nation. I have learned to be what I consider a pretty good smacker. Obviously I was buried with the Rant of the Patriots Nation after Superbowl XXXVI. I was receiving phone calls the next morning from people I hadn't talk to in years !!!

If there's any advice I can give it's to ride the wave as long as you can because sooner or later that wave is coming to shore. Last but not least please remember when talking smack make sure you use small words because you might have to eat them later.