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    St. Louis Rams 2009 schedule

    Let me start out by saying I did my 2008 schedule prediction last year and failed miserably! I really thought (although threw RAMS colored glasses) we had a good team. A team that would end the season with a winning record.
    At least 9-7 and possibly 10-6, playoffs for sure and a legitimate shot at winning the NFC WEST TITLE. Without going into all the gory details we all know what happened.

    So I approach my predicitions for the upcoming 2009 season looking for a reason to believe once again. Looking for improvements and/or trends to make me a believer once again. We all know about all of the additions and all of the players/coaches that have been sent packing. Anyway here's a look at the only stats that we can compare thus far.


    2008 Preseason Offense:
    #26-Pts Scored-(61) (15.3 pts per game average)
    #10-Overall-(316.5 ypg)
    #13-Pass-(197.0 ypg)
    #12-Rush-(119.5 ypg)
    #16-QB Sacked- (9)


    2009 Preseason Offense:
    #28-Pts scored-(60) (20 pts per game)
    #28- Overall-(277.3 ypg)
    #32- Pass-(152.7 ypg)
    #9- Rush-(124.7 ypg)
    #16-QB Sacked-(6)

    2008 Preseason Defense:
    #16-Pts Allowed-(71) (17.7 pts allowed per game)
    #8- Overall-(278.0 ypg)
    #1- Pass -(110.2 ypg)
    #32-Rush-(167.8 ypg)
    #29- Turnover Ratio-(-5)

    2009 Preseason Defense:
    #17- Pts Allowed-(61) (20.3 pts allowed per game)
    #20- Overall-(333.0 ypg)
    #10-Pass-(198.0 ypg)
    #28-Rush-(135.0 ypg)
    #3- Turnover Ratio-(+7)

    The one stat that jumps out at me is the TURNOVER RATIO. (-5) in 2008 compared to (+7) in 2009. There's still one more preseason game to play in 2009 but that's a huge turnover swing. Another stat of note is that we are also averaging almost 5 more points scored per game. A negative that stands out in my mind is that we are allowing almose 3.5 more points per game when looking at the numbers. Again this is all preseason stuff. How much does it matter? Does any of it really mean anything? I'll let you be the judge of that.

    One thing for sure is that when looking at our final stats for 2008. I really hope that we have hit rock bottom. We have a long way to go and there's plenty of room for improvement based on the stats below.

    2008 Regular Season: (2-14)

    Offense Rankings:
    #30-Pts Scored-(232) (14.5 pts per game)
    #27-Overall-(287.2 ypg)
    #26-Pass-(184.2 ypg)
    #25-Rush-(103.1 ypg)
    #27-QB Sacked-(45)

    Defense Rankings:
    #31-Pts Allowed-(465) (29 pts per game allowed)
    #28-Overall-(371.9 ypg)
    #29-Rush-(154.7 ypg)
    #23-Turnover Ratio-(-5)

    Despite all the negative stats and terrible won/loss record the past few years. I'm looking for and expecting improvement in all areas. Our new headcoach has me believing that better days are coming. He's made alot of unpopular changes and has said all the right things. There is one thing that Spags said early on that has stuck with me. He is focusing on beating our NFC WEST Division foes. Certainly makes sense to me. The last time we had a winning record versus our division opponents was in 2004. (5-1)

    From 2005-2008 we've had a combined record of (4-20) against the NFC WEST. We were (0-6) in 2008. UGLY!!!

    So here we predictions for 2009. I'll try as hard as I can to give an honest unbiased outlook on our 2009 schedule.

    Our ST. LOUIS RAMS 2009 Schedule with the opponents 2008 won/loss record.

    1. @ Seattle(4-12) (WIN)
    I'm not a fan of the Seahawks new headcoach and I don't believe any of the Seahawk hype. Remember what Spags said about focusing on NFC WEST FOES?

    2. @ Washington(8-8) (WIN)
    We beat this team last season at their house. No reason we can't do it again.

    3. Green Bay(6-10) (LOSS)
    This is the BASH game weekend. Being the home opener and coming off of 2 road wins one would think that this is another one for the win column. Not me, the PACK is a team that I'm very impressed with and it's QB Rodgers 2nd season at the helm. This is a team on the rise in my opinion.

    4. @ San Francisco(7-9) (LOSS)
    After a tough loss at home vs. Green Bay traveling out to the BAY proves to be to tough. Not to mention Whiners headcoach Mike Singletary has his team playing tough hardnosed football. As much as I hate to admit it the Whiners are probably the 2nd best team in the NFC WEST.

    5. Minnesota(10-6) (LOSS)
    With the addition of Brett Favre and one of the top running games combined with a top defense this game has "beat down" written all over it.

    6. @ Jacksonville(5-11) (WIN)
    That's right another win on the road. The JAGS are in trouble. Headcoach Jack Del Rio is on the hot seat and may have lost the respect of his players with some of the disciplinary tactics he enforced last season. Sorry Torry.

    7. Indianapolis(12-4) (LOSS)
    Lots of changes for the Colts on the sidelines from a coaching perspective. Doesn't matter in this game they still have the main man in Peyton Manning.

    8. @ Detroit(0-16) (WIN)
    Even though this is a road game it could be arguably our easiest game on the schedule. (Jaguars)


    So that's (4-4)
    (4-1) on the road
    (0-3) at home

    9. New Orleans(8-8) (WIN)
    We smacked the Saints around the last time we played them and a home game after the bye week sure looks good to me.

    10. Arizona(9-7) (LOSS)
    Just not going to happen. Kurt is to comfortable in the DOME.

    11. Seattle(4-12) (WIN)
    NFC WEST foe? That's right we sweep the Seahawks!

    12. @ Chicago(9-7) (LOSS)
    Another very tough NFC NORTH team with a new QB in Jay Cutler.

    13. @ Tennessee(13-3) (LOSS)
    Road game against the team that had the best record in the NFL last season.
    Not going to happen.

    14. Houston(8-8) (LOSS)
    This is a very tough game to predict. After 2 tough road losses, coming home to the home cooked meals and all the comforts of the DOME one would think this game goes into the win column. Not me, the Texans in my opinion are one of those teams that have "cinderella" written all over it.

    15. @ ARIZONA(9-7) (LOSS)
    This could be one of our worst losses for the 2009 seasons. What can I say?

    16. San Francisco(7-9) (WIN)
    Last game of the season at home against an NFC WEST foe. Whiners could be battling for a playoff spot? RAMS play the spoiler against our most hated rival!


    Final 2009 regular season record (7-9). Pipe dream? Probably.

    I stuck my neck out on a couple of games. A win at Washington and a win at home vs. the Saints.

    I've been saying all off-season that I expect us to win at least 5 games so prediciting 7 is a bit of a reach. But hey! Stranger things have happened.

    GO RAMS!!!!

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    Re: St. Louis Rams 2009 schedule

    Great article, although I think with our weak secondary we are the ones who get smacked around against the Saints.

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    Re: St. Louis Rams 2009 schedule

    6-10 at best. 4-12 likely.

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    Re: St. Louis Rams 2009 schedule

    very nice post man.

    Change the statement of the Niners being the 2nd best in the west to the best in the west and you have a gem.

    Good post though, seriously. I have never hated the rams..and hope you guys can get better. The seahawks are on the way out and the Cards are the most disappointing team ever. I would much rather be battling with your franchise in december than those to NFC West frauds.

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