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    St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    I thought after predicting the outcome of our RAMS 2008 regular season schedule back on June 18th, 2008. One in which I couldn't have been further away from accurate or even close. I had our RAMS going a possible (10-6) but (9-7) at the very least. Pounding my chest calling for a playoff appearance and an NFC West Title. Our RAMS finished the 2008 season with a (2-14) record. UGH!!!!!
    I was so embarrassed by my 2008 failure that I found myself wondering how could I have been that far off? Two thoughts came to mind. June was to soon to be making any predictions and I needed to stop being such a homer. Take the rose colored glasses off and look at our RAMS schedule as an NFL fan not a homer. Stop making predictions with my heart and focus with my head.
    One thing for sure is that I hate to lose and losing by that much forced me to try it again. So I went ahead and posted my RAMS 2009 regular season schedule. This time waiting until September 1st, 2009. Thinking the preseason is over and I have a real good handle on what our team looks like and what to expect from them. Well I predicted we would end up with a (5-11) record and threw in my "PIPEDREAM" record of (7-9). Again approaching these predictions with a very unbiased mind. As we all know our team finished the season (1-15). DOUBLE UGH!!!!!!!!!
    It's pretty obvious I don't have a clue! I also don't give up easily so I'm back to try it again. Even knowing that I have 2 strikes against me and that 3 strikes and I'm out. I have decided to go for it and I'm coming out swinging.

    ********* St. Louis RAMS 2010 Regular Season Schedule**************

    First let me say we had a miserable 2009 season. Our team managed to score only 17 TD's for the whole season. One of which was scored by our defense.
    We also had an ugly turnover ratio of (-13).

    Game 1 vs. Arizona Cardinals:
    We have a chance to win this game. Not because we have gotten that much better but because it's the 1st game of the season and with all the home opener hype the DOME should be buzzing. Not to mention these aren't Kurt Warner's Cardinals anymore. I really like our chances here. (RAMS 1-0)

    Game 2 @ Oakland Raiders:
    This should be a very close game. The Raiders are going through alot of growing pains and bad drafts just as we are. However the Raiders are home so I have to give the nod to them. (RAMS 1-1)

    Game 3 vs Washington Redskins:
    Man I wish we could have somehow persuaded McNabb to join our team. Even though we have homefield advantage is just not enough. (RAMS 1-2)

    Game 4 vs Seattle Seahawks:
    We haven't beaten the Seahawks in like a trillion years and I don't see that changing anytime soon. (RAMS 1-3)

    Game 5 @ Detroit Lions:
    The Lions are slowly improving but so are we. I like us to win this game in Detroit again. (RAMS 2-3)

    Game 6 vs San Diego Chargers:
    No LT, no problem, right? Wrong! The Chargers are still one of the elite teams in the NFL and we are still rebuilding and have a ways to go. (RAMS 2-4)

    Game 7 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
    This is another close game to predict but the Bucs play real tough under the sun in Tampa. Been there, felt it, we lost! (RAMS 2-5)

    Game 8 vs Carolina Panthers:
    The Panthers are one of the better running teams in the NFL and their defense is always tough (Julius or no Julius). Also there's no Jake Delhomme to throw us a few gifts. Our 2009 defense allowed an average of 137.6 rushing yards per game. I see us getting steamed rolled in this game. (RAMS 2-6)

    Bye Week: 11/7/2010
    A week to look back and try and evaluate our team.

    Game 9 @ San Francisco Whiners:
    Bye week or no bye week it's not going to happen. The dreaded Whiners send us home with another loss. (RAMS 2-7)

    Game 10 vs Atlanta Falcons:
    Another solid team from the NFC South. I think we can hang with the Falcons but just don't have enough to come away with a W. (RAMS 2-8)

    Game 11 @ Denver Broncos:
    This is about the time of the season that the Broncos start their annual swoon. Lucky for them we aren't ready to win in the thin air of Denver. (RAMS 2-9)

    Game 12 @ Arizona Cardinals:
    This will be a very close but tough road loss for us. Regardless of who is at the helm for the Cardinals they prove to be to tough at home. (RAMS 2-10)

    Game 13 @ New Orleans Saints:
    Not going to happen, period! (RAMS 2-11)

    Game 14 vs Kansas City Chiefs:
    The battle of Missouri!!!! 2 teams rebuilding. Believe it or not I'm giving us the edge in this game. Why? We are the home team and that's it. (RAMS 3-11)

    Game 15 vs San Francisco Whiners:
    Although we play the Whiners alot tougher than in our first meeting we still come up short. (RAMS 3-12)

    Game 16 @ Seattle Seahawks:
    ***See Week 4! (RAMS 3-13)

    Gosh it hurts to go back and reread this. Boy, I hope I'm wrong about the upcoming season. I hope I'm real wrong. I'll take that 3rd strike gladly if we can somehow show alot more improvement than I'm predicting.

    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!

    Any and all predictions welcome........
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    thickandthin Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    only 1 thing, the saints game is winnable for us.. we proved it last year, we lost b/c of a costly pick in the endzone, and Bulger EPICLY FAILING in the 2 minute drill, now we have Bradford, I think we could win that game.

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    I think this team can win more than 3 this year. The schedule is much easier than last year's and the NFC West is by far the worst division in the NFL where no team has a legitamate starting NFL QB yet. The more I look at how weak the Rams' competition is this year the better I feel about the season.

    The Cards lost a lot, Oakland is Oakland, Washington is a seriously flawed team and McNabb and Shanahan can't fix every problem in a season, Seatle is where we were last season, Detroit is Detroit, The Bucs are very young like us and rebuilding, Denver traded away all of their talent and the Chiefs are rebuilding. I think a lot of games are winnable next season and at least 6 wins is easily achievable. Striving for 6 wins, what a sad place this franchise has come to.

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    What will be worse for you is if they actually end up going 10-6 or 9-7 after the seasons over lol...

    If that happens i'd give predicting a rest...

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    I'm an optimist and I honestly believe the Rams can win any where between 4-9 games. There's just lots of reasons to be a happy Ram fan right now.

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    Warner4prez Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    I'm positive we'll split with the Seachickens, get revenge on the 'Skins after that ugly game last year, beat the Motorcity Kitties again, beat the Chefs, whoop the Bucs (their interior d-line will be two rookies plus 2 rookie receivers) and hopefully split with the Cards (opening day is our best chance).

    A six win season?! I'd try and do a backflip or two.

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    Servox28 Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    jeez 3-13? im still hoping for atleast 4 or 5 wins this year.lets go Bradford!

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    Thresher Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    Thanks for putting this out there for all of us to comment on. It is hard to see your final prediction but even harder to look at stat lines like, "Detroit has more wins than the Rams in the last 8 seasons." UGH

    Honestly if we only beat the ThirtyWhiners I will be happy. I could care a less about anything else besides beating that team.

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    Spicyterroraki Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    Hey Rams fans, I have not been on here since before LAST season, thought I would stop by to say Hi! For starters, taking Bradford and not Suh was the necessary choice...I still see a lot of people poking fun that the Rams should have taken Suh, but, it was clearly time to get the Franchise QB..I think with good health and the ever so important O Line protection, Bradford can be a very solid QB in 2-3 years.

    @Warner4Prez...I don't see you guys beating us again this year, as laram0 stated, but that Win has got to be coming soon to be honest. 10 in a row is an awful lot as it is. (Not just being a homer here, that's not my style, just my honest opinion).

    Intro over:

    Looking at each game, my prediction for 2010 Rams is: 3-13. Defeating Arizona Week 1, Carolina Week 8 (I think Carolina is going to be weaker than most think), and in the battle of Missouri vs. Kansas City.

    Let me once again say, I am not a smack talking Seattle fan, just my personal opinion. Rams are in a full on rebuild, much like us but even more so. Good luck though, all you die hard Rams fans deserve better fortune sooner than later.

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    Springfield Rams Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    3-13, it's going to be another rough season for the Rams

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    The sun in Tampa shouldn't be too bad in week 7 -- not like it would be for the season opener.

    I admire your guts for going on the record with predictions like this. I already know I suck at them, so I don't bother.

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    stillblue&gold Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    the rams will win between 4 & 7 games this season. i know we have been getting pushed around the last several years but all that stuff is coming to an end. i really would'nt suprise me that much if we went .500

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    Sam Brad Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    We can definately beat the cardinals at least once, the buccaneers, the skins, the Seahawks twice and the chiefs. You gotta remember we still have one of the league best backs and a defense in a couple years that I think can be quite formidable. Look for JL to become a great MlB and Atogwe to get more takeaways. I think we can easily force Ints and good turnovers in a couple games with shady QBs and sneak out a win.

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    Sam Brad Guest

    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2010 Schedule

    Arizona looked horrible...

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