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    St. Louis RAMS 2011 schedule

    So here I go again. This will be the 4th year in a row that I'm going to attempt to predict how our RAMS will do against their regular season schedule. This time it's the 2011 edition.

    Just a quick recap of the results from my 3 previous attempts:

    2008- I predicted (9-7) possibly (10-6)
    2008- Actual (2-14)

    2009- I went with (5-11) a pipedream of (9-7)
    2009- Actual (1-15)

    2010- Got off my RAMS koolaid and went (3-13)
    2010- Actual- (7-9)

    So as you can see from my previous 3 attempts I really didn't have a clue. This attempt will be different....I GARRRRRONNTEE!

    Okay, last season we witnessed an improving defense and a rookie lead offense. I'm expecting continued improvement from the defense. SAM BRADFORD will lead our offense a to bigtime jump in the overall offensive rankings. I expect our RAMS to be in the upper half of the offensive rankings by the end of the regular season.

    Last season we lost 3 games by 4 points or less.

    ***2010 Notable Win***
    RAMS 20 Chargers 17 at the Edward Jones Dome

    ***2010 Notable Loss***
    Lions 44 RAMS 6 at Ford Field

    2010 Offensive Rankings:
    26th- Overall (302.9 ypg)
    26th- Points PG (18.1)
    21st- Pass YPG (204.3)
    25th- Rush YPG (98.6)

    2010 Defensive Rankings:
    19th- Overall (336.8 ypg)
    12th- Points PG (20.5)
    19th- Pass YPG (223.6)
    17th- Rush YPG (113.2)

    Let's get to it!

    Game 1 vs Philadelphia Eagles:
    There are alot of positives for us going into this game.
    Home Opener!
    Rams are an improved team!
    Home fans will be pumped for this game. They feel like we are heading in the right direction and we have SAM BRADFORD!
    We will have at least 1 notable win this season!
    Unfortunately this will not be that notable win. The Eagles are just too much for our boys so we open the season with a hard fought loss. (0-1)

    Game 2 @ New York Giants:
    This is a home coming game for SPAGS. It's our 1st Monday Night game in a while. So with those 2 factors in mind our boys should be fired up for this contest. In another hard fought close game we lose at the Meadowlands. (0-2)

    Game 3 vs Baltimore Ravens:
    I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not sold on Joe Flacco. Our front seven will get to him and rattle his cage. I'm taking our RAMS in this game and I guess this could be considered a notable win. (1-2)

    Game 4 vs Washington Redskins:
    Paleeeeze.....There's no way the Skins are coming to our house and winning. This could and should be a lopsided win for our RAMS. (2-2)

    Game 5 @ Green Bay Packers:
    Even though we've had the bye week to heal up and prepare for the defending Superbowl Champs. The Packers and the unfozen tundra prove to be too much for our RAMS to over come.

    Game 6 @ Dallas Cowboys:
    This is a very tough game to call for me. In my opinion the Cowboys are overrated. They are however the home team and will play a solid game in front of their home town fans. I give a very slight edge to the Cowboys but it will be a very close game. (2-4)

    Game 7 vs New Orleans Saints:
    We are home but the Saints are a dome team. This could be a shoot out and Drew Brees will find a way to score 1 more point than Sam Bradford. (2-5)

    Game 8 @ Arizona Cardinals:
    Finally an NFC West game. We beat the Cardinals at their house last season (19-6). We will beat them again by an wider margin! (3-5)

    Game 9 @ Cleveland Browns:
    With the Dawg Pound and all the Browns are always tough at home. This is one of those games that our RAMS should win. Afterall what do the Browns have other than Cribbs and Hillis. We will prevail by a FG. (4-5)

    Game 10 vs Seattle Seahawks (minus the 12th man)
    We stymied the Seahawks offense last season at the Dome holding them to 3 points. I fully expect more of the same. NOT in our house! RAMS win another very important NFC West game. (5-5)

    Game 11 vs Arizona Cardinals:
    This could be one of our easiest games of the season. Okay maybe the Redskins game was easier. RAMS win big and more importantly we're (3-0) against our NFC West foes.

    Game 12 @ San Francisco Whiners:
    The Whiners (or was it the refs) stole one from us last season at their place. That's not going to happen again. This game won't be close enough for the refs to bail out the Whiners. RAMS WIN! That's 5 wins in a row and (4-0) against the NFC West. (7-5)

    Game 13 @ Seattle Seahawks:
    As much as I'd like to keep the winning streak going. I just feel that Seattle's 12th man will get them over the hump. The 12th man will be especially fired up as this a Monday Night Game and the national audience will be watching. (7-6) but (4-1) against the NFC West.

    Game 14 vs Cincinnati Bengals:
    No Carson Palmer, no Chad what's his name...8 5..This is a BLOWOUT game for sure.
    This is just what the doctor ordered after a tough Monday Night loss to the Seahawks. Rams get back to their winning ways! (8-6)

    Game 15 @ Pittsburgh Steelers
    Another notable win? I wish but just don't think it will happen. The Steelers will be battling for the AFC North Title and won't overlook our RAMS. (8-7)

    Game 16 vs San Francisco Whiners:
    The last time the Whiners visited the Edward Jones Dome it proved to be the end of a very frustrated Mike Singletary's tenure as their headcoach. Harbaugh won't be treated any differently. I'm not saying he will get fired but he will walk away frustrated as heck!
    Rams win easily. (9-7) More importantly (5-1) against our NFC West foes.


    So after traveling 15,278 miles to complete their 16 game regular season schedule our RAMS are in the PLAYOFFS!!!!!
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All comments and/or predictions are welcome.
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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2011 schedule

    I see a lot of truth in your picks. I can see all those happening. I can also see a win in one of these games: Cowboys/Ravens/Eagles/Giants/Packers. Maybe even two, which can make up for another division or a notable loss. So I say 9-7 or 10-6 is a distinct possibility. I would really love it if we won that monday night game against the G-Men

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2011 schedule

    Im going for 9 wins like the majority.?

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    Re: St. Louis RAMS 2011 schedule

    i think we should win 10 games .. a couple of mental lapses will end up costing us a game somewhere .. but i do like us to beat the Cowboys this year.

    10-1 = 9

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