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    ST. LOUIS RAMS 2012 Regular Season Schedule

    This will be my 5th year in a row at attempting to predict the outcome of our RAMS regular season schedule.

    2008- I predicted 9-7, actual 2-14
    2009- I predicted 5-11, actual 1-15
    2010- I predicted 3-13, actual 7-9
    2011- I predicted 9-7, actual 2-14

    Anyone else seeing a trend here? Obviously I'm not having much success with this predicting stuff!

    Let me start off by saying I am extremely happy and pumped that we hired Jeff Fisher. I have a ton of confidence in him. The reason for the confidence is that he has head coaching experience and plenty of it. I was sick and tired of our franchise experimenting with the so called "hot" coordinators. Although I supported both Linehan and Spags to the end I can't deny that I'm very happy we didn't go that route again.

    With what I consider a very successful draft and only a few more holes to fill, things are looking up.

    I've seen our RAMS 2012 Schedule (Sticky) in the RAM TALK FORUM. I've also read all the predictions that various members have cast. I really hope Fisher can turn things around as fast as all the predictions are indicating.

    Keeping in mind that our 2011 RAMS team scored the fewest points in the NFL (193) and allowed a whopping 407 points it's no secret the Fisher has his work cut for him.
    I do believe that he is up for the challenge.

    So here I go:

    Game 1 @ LIONS:
    A win here would be an absolute shocker and have us reminiscing about the 1999 RAMS, the Greatest Show on Turf. Sorry folks, It's not going to happen. The Lions will prove to be to much on both sides of the ball. RAMS (0-1)

    Game 2 vs REDSKINS:
    This is one of the winnable games on our schedule. I give us a better than 50-50 chance in this game. Home opener, New "experienced head coach" at the helm. The fans should be rocking the DOME for this one. I'll give give us a close win at home. RAMS (1-1)

    Game 3 @ BEARS:
    Unless we can sack Jay Cutler 10 times the Bears will win this game. So here's another loss. RAMS (1-2)

    Game 4 vs SEAHAWKS:
    These are always tough games no matter where they are played. I'll give us a very very slight edge. Fisher will be 2-0 at home after this one. RAMS (2-2)

    Game 5 vs CARDINALS:
    As much as I hate to say it the Arizona Cardinals are a solid team. Solid everywhere except at the QB position. They seem to always find a way to beat us. Can you say Patrick Peterson? UGH!!!! We lose....(RAMS 2-3)

    Game 6 @ DOLPHINS:
    This is one of the road games I feel like we have a real good chance of winning. The Dolphins are a team that doesn't have an identity. I guess their defense is their strongest unit? I'll give us an upset win here. C'mon no matter what you think we will be the underdogs here. RAMS (3-3)

    Game 7 vs PACKERS:
    I know we are going to lose here but I must ask that all the Packers fans that attend please keep their shirts on! (RAMS 3-4)

    Game 8 vs PATRIOTS: London game
    Boy would I like to see us win this game. I live in PATRIOTS country and would love to rub it in. Not going to happen. Tommy and his cast of receivers will get the job done. (RAMS 3-5)

    Time for all of us to recap the season so far. Hey, 3-5 isn't the end of the world and we already have more wins than last season.

    Game 9 @ WHINERS:
    This ends the toughest 3 game stretch of our schedule. Unfortunately they all turn out to be losses. Hopefully we don't get shutout by the very tough Whiners defense.
    (RAMS 3-6)

    Game 10 vs JETS:
    Hopefully by now the JETS have imploded. Hide all the snacks from Rex Ryan and he won't be able to think straight. I see a very close game but we come up short.
    (RAMS 3-7)

    Game 11 @ CARDINALS:
    We couldn't beat them at home so what makes you think we can beat them in their house. Again, I feel like the Cardinals are better than people think.
    (RAMS 3-8)

    Game 12 vs WHINERS:
    Sheeeesh the NFL WEST is pretty tough. No more NFL WORST labels for our division.
    We should be able to keep it reasonably close but lose. (RAMS 3-9)

    Game 13 @ BILLS:
    Buffalo is very tough on opposing teams. Could this be a snow game? Although both teams are improving I'll give the edge to the Bills.
    (RAMS 3-10)

    Game 14 vs VIKINGS:
    The 7 game losing streak ends here. I really believe this is the easiest game on our schedule. I'm calling for a convincing win here. (RAMS 4-10)

    Game 15 @ BUCCANEERS:
    This is a match up of 2 pretty evenly matched teams. The home team will find a way to win. (RAMS 4-11)

    Game 16 @ SEAHAWKS:
    Do I have to explain. We are not going up to the Northwest and pulling off an upset.
    (RAMS 4-12)

    Well there you have it. I hope I'm wrong but I tried to keep as real as possible. I actually would be okay with 4 wins. We have a new everything everywhere as far as our coaching staff goes. Also a ton of changes on the field. FISHER bringing in 4 wins at least shows us that he has us heading in the right direction.

    GO RAMS!!!!
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    Re: ST. LOUIS RAMS 2012 Regular Season Schedule

    You may be about to break your losing streak in terms of predicting the Rams won/loss record. You're in the money when it comes to predictions, and your rationale seems reasonable. Perhaps we can pull an upset here and there and end up 6-10. Or, perhaps we can reprise the worst to first scenario that a few teams in NFL history have demonstrated. 'Hope springs eternal...'

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