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    Time to get in the win column

    The Arizona Redbirds, Dreadbirds, Deadbirds, Tards whatever you want to call them are coming to the Dome this Sunday. Our last meeting in the Dome happened week 13 of the 2006 regular season. The Tards came in with a 2-9 record with nothing to play for expect pride and the role of the spoiler. We were 5-6 still very alive in the playoff picture. We all felt this was perfect timing, playing this 2-9 team would surely help us get back to .500 and add another step in the right direction. Ahhh those dreaded Tards, they came in and beat us 34-20. The Tards defense intercepted Bulger 3 times and sacked him 4 times. A game that saw Marcel Shipp score 3 touchdowns. This was a game that the Tards led from start to finish. Actually the game wasn't as close as 34-20. We added a touchdown with :38 left in the game. To sum up the game it was a typical 2006 RAMS game. Our offense piled on 394 yards but the o-line wasn't holding up well. Our defense was run over to the tune of 137 rushing yards and allowed 3 rushing touchdowns. This was the MARC BULGER coming out game. Not with his stats but with his words. "SOME GUYS DON"T CARE" that's what we heard from Bulger after the game.

    Time to talk about the present. We are 0-4, injury riddled and in need of a win in a big way. Marc Bulger has been benched the Offensive Coordinator has been demoted, things are looking bleak. to make matters worse Steven Jackson won't be playing. He's of key note because in the 2006 game here Jackson tore up the Tards with 96 yards rushing and 9 receptions for another 69 yards. (Brian Leonard has some huge shoes to fill) Our o-line is in disarray and the new players Bennett and McMichael haven't done much. Not to mention Bennett, McMichael and Leonard have never been part of this rivalry. In my opinion the key to this game no matter how our offense plays is our defense and Haslett's scheme. Old friend Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart do not and I repeat do not handle pressure well. We have to pressure these guys on every play. They will panic and make mistakes which will give us opportunities to take the ball away. The defense has to set the tone, has to set up our offense. We have to gamble all the time. If we rely on the front four and drop back in coverage these guys will pick us apart.(Especially Kurt Warner) Force the Tards to punt to Dante' Hall alot. Make no mistake about it, this Tards team is pretty good. They're coming in with a (2-2) record (2-0 at home)(0-2 on the road) off of a nice win over a solid Pittsburgh Steelers team.
    The Tards are coming in boasting the 12th overall defense and 13th overall offense. Like I said a pretty solid team so far this season.

    It's our turn. Though we're not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, chances of making it to the post season are extremely slim. All 4 of our losses have been to NFC teams which makes our playoff aspirations even slimmer. It's our turn to play with pride and play the spoiler role. This is our biggest game of the season. We have to defend our home and get into the win column. Another loss to an NFC team never mind a division foe would be a killer.

    Again, It's our turn, it won't be easy but it can happen.


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    Re: Time to get in the win column

    I'm all for it, let's win. We still have some bullets left in the chamber.

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