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    War Room!

    Sign over the door reads:


    So.....what's going on in your war room? Mine is a complete mess. There's only three of us in here.. me, myself and I. Hopefully that helps explain the sign over my door.

    Where do I start?

    Generally we don't follow the NFL Draft and the potential players that will be available to our RAMS very closely. This years a different story. After going
    (3-13) last season and more importantly holding the 2nd pick in this years draft our interest has been spiked to an all time high.

    For the past several weeks (and I mean several) we've been watching, hearing and reading about who or whom our RAMS could potentially select with their 2nd pick in the draft. The NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Talk Radio, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Yahoo Sports, Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock, Adam Schefter etc.. on and on....

    From the information that we have gathered (which by the way has been through the blender quite a few times) there are 5 players that are discussed more than any others. Jake Long, Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, Glenn Dorsey and Matt Ryan. Occasionally McFadden and Sedrick Ellis have been thrown into the mix but not enough to really take note. There has been alot of speculating on who or whom will be available for us to pick.

    The key to our selection options rest in the hands of the Miami Dolphins and the BIG TUNA. All the so-called experts have been trying to read the BIG TUNA's mind thus creating the high speed blender. Who are the Dolphins going to take with the 1st pick? TUNA is known for building very good defensive teams.
    Will he draft DE? Chris Long? Vernon Gholston? How about a DT? Glenn Dorsey? The Dolphins have a glaring need on the O-line especially at the tackle position. Jake Long? They're not exactly solid at the QB position either. Matt Ryan has been tagged by some of the so-called experts as a franchise QB. Matt Ryan? WHAT ARE THE DOLPHINS GOING TO DO WITH THAT PICK ?!!

    No matter what the Dolphins do our RAMS are going to have a big decision on their hands. If C. Long is gone do we take J. Long or Gholston? What about Dorsey?(tabbed as the best all around player in the draft) What if the Dolphins take J. Long? Is C.Long a better pick than Gholston or Dorsey?
    I know, I know take Dorsey out of the mix we're not taking a DT over a DE.
    Well....What if we select Dorsey and move Carriker back to DE? Hmmmm?
    While the blender is on high speed the rumor comes out that Fahkir Brown one of our starting CB's is going to be suspended. Do we draft a CB with our 2nd pick? How about the LB position? We got a bit thinner there with the loss of Brandon Chillar and his signing with the Packers. Last but not least our WR position took a MAJOR hit with MR. RAM, ISSAC BRUCE signing on with the Whiners. WR??? Then the talk about all the potential smokescreens???

    Are you feeling me???

    There's hair all over the table, coffee spills and crumbs all over the place. The only "smokescreen" we see is coming from the trash cans full of note infested scrap paper that we lit on fire. Our nerves are completely shot, just can't take it anymore. The suspense has gotten to an unhealthy level.

    We're disconnecting everything!! We're locking ourselves in the WAR ROOM with absolutely no communication to the outside world until our RAMS make that dreaded #2 selection.

    New sign on the WAR ROOM door:

    CLOSED for reasons beyond explanation.
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    Re: War Room!

    Ah, the ole law frim of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe are back in business. Good one.

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    Re: War Room!

    Brian McFadden? The guy who used to be on MTV?

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    Cool Re: War Room!

    I think the rams will go with glenn dorsey. i just saw something that said that darren mcfadden was the highest pick on their minds and that the rams were maybe hoping to bait the raiders into trading for some more picks. sounds like we really can't miss with any of the top guys in this years draft. what kind of recievers are out there? speaking of the stooges, i have 6 boxes of stooge collectibles including the famous DEWEY CHEATHAM AND HOWE poster on the wall! GREAT STUFF! i can remember the 90's rams where we actually played like the stooges, enough of that stuff!!:l

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