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    What were the RAMS thinking?

    Let me start out by saying I was at the game Sunday. So from a bird's eye view I'd like to share some puzzling points.

    1. My nephew covers the Bucs for a local radio station. He had warned me about the heat factor at Raymond James Stadium. The Sunday before our game the Bucs had hosted the New Orleans Saints. The game time temperature in the stands was 88 degrees. The on field temperature was recorded at 130 degrees. Our game had to be at least 95 degrees in the stands. I can only imagine the temperature on the field.

    2. The Bucs were playing 7 men in the box for the better part of the game. Why? They were inviting the RAMS to run Jackson, alot. The RAMS played right into the Buc's hands. Jackson ran the ball 16 times in the 1st half alone. Alone is the key word. Believe me the yardage Jackson was accumulating he was doing on his own. There weren't any holes for him to run through, he was grinding everything out on his own.
    16 rushes for 51 very hard earned yards. On the otherhand mixing in Brian Leonard for 3 carries produced 15 yards. (remember the HEAT?)

    3. The Bucs were covering the edges protecting against the short and deep sideline passes for almost the whole game. Again, from the bird's eye view I kept asking myself how could the Bucs leave the middle of the field so wide open. Why weren't we taking advantage of that more often. Bulger threw 7 passes down the middle of the field.
    5/7 for 67 yards. Our 3 longest plays of the game were passes over the middle for 18 yards, 17 yards and 15 yards.

    4. On the Buc's 1st drive of the game they tried a 54 yard field goal. The kick came up short, 9 yards deep in the endzone. Dante' Hall fields the short kick and runs it out. Dante' got as far as our own 33 yardline before he was tackled. Way to go Dante', if you had just downed it in the endzone we would have had a 1st and ten at our own 43 yardline.:x This was significant especially the way the defenses were controlling the game. We sure could have used those extra 10 yards!

    5. As we all know Marc Bulger was horrible, period. 17 of 26, 116 yards and threw 3 picks. I can't remember one single pass that was on the money. The receivers had their work cut out for them on this day to. Those quick sideline passes have to have some zing and accuracy on them. They have to be were the receiver can catch and run. Hey we don't have the types of receivers that are going to be breaking tackles and make much out those types of plays anyway. At the very least the pass has to be on target putting the receiver in a position where he can try and make a play out of it. Instead the passes were either low or to high with no zip on them at all. ( of course I didn't know Bulger was hurting)

    6. I have to give the Buc's some credit they came out with a gameplan and stuck to it.
    They spread the carries around with 3 different backs.(remember the HEAT) Steven Jackson carried the ball 30 times! Brian Leonard had 4. Tampa Bay baited our offense to run the ball and we did. Tampa covered the sideline routes and 19 of our 26 passes were to the edges.

    I have to admit I went to this game feeling very strongly that our RAMS would come away victorious. My thoughts were that we are the better "TEAM". I felt it would be a game that we would start clicking. Win by a touchdown if not more. I mean who does Tampa have that scares any of us....???? I can't express in words how disappointed I am. The offense was boring, Dante' Hall did nothing. Jeff Wilkins 1 of 3.:x Oh, the defense held up well in the 1st half. Let's face it the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not some offensive juggernaut. They wore down our defense though and dominated us in the 2nd half.

    So let's do a recap of our 1st 3 games:

    Game 1- Jackson has 2 game changing fumbles.

    Game 2- Holt and Hall have a game changing fumble each.

    Game 3- Our super accurate quarterback Marc Bulger plays with broken ribs and throws 3 interceptions. Issac Bruce fumbles a ball that's returned for a touchdown. Luckily for us the play was called back on a defensive penalty.

    What am I getting at? See the names? Jackson, Holt, Bruce, Bulger and Dante' Hall. These are the key guys in our offensive line-up. What the heck is going on?!!! I hope they all have the turnover bug out of their systems.

    Also, why is it again we brought in Bennett and McMichael??? Neither one of them has done squat. As a matter of fact the pass that Bulger had intercepted in the endzone against the Bucs was intended for Bennett. That pass was so poor I could have picked it off. I felt like that pass play was called to legitimize the need for Bennett nothing more. You know the RED ZONE secret weapon. Although it wasn't Bennett's fault that Bulger threw such a terrible pass, I'm just not sold on this guy.

    Well the Cowboys are next. Can we win in Dallas.....On any given Sunday it can happen. We will have to play a lot sharper but most of all we have to score points and lots of them.

    Come on RAMS let's get this thing going!!!:r

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    Re: What were the RAMS thinking?

    I second the let's get it going!!!
    NIce piece laram0.

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