Ok--the Giants and Eagles handed the Rams their own heads on a platter...and for 3 weeks, excluding the bye-week, the road is softer. Which games are a must win out of the remaining 14 games. Assuming the Rams aspire to the play offs?

Right now the Rams in my view must win against the Seahawks, Bills, Redskins--they will need momentium of victory to make a game of it against the Cowboys. Not over looking the Patriots, but real or just hype the Pats without Brady are not though of as ELITE as other teams. For the record, that game ought to be a slug fest.

If Linehan as any hope of a 09 season with the Rams, he has to make his move NOW. As I see it the Rams must be at 6-4 by the Time the Rams meet the Bears...assuming the Rams can get to 6-4 and beat the Bears, there is hope for making the post season and actually go further then just the Wild card game