(Your evaluation of Schottenheimer and the Rams)

He's gonna be a good fit in STL. Anyone in the world would be better than Josh McDaniels. He was horrible in Denver, he was horrible in St Louis, and now he gets to go back to New England. The question is, can Schott be as good as Shurmur? 3-step drop, get rid of the ball quickly, be precise, etc. The only criticism of Schott (I think he'll be a success because he has a better QB), he puts a little too much motion in the scheme, and that tends to get complicated. That's different with Bradford. He has the mind to be able to handle that if the talent can adjust to it. I don't think there's any doubt he'll have shorter drops.

Will he be better than Shumur? Debatable. Will he be better than McDaniels? Definitely.

One thing is that he works with the player very well and asks what the player thinks will work. Sometimes he gets a little too tricky, but it's imagination and a learning curve. It's the right time in his career to get a QB like Bradford. There may not be a ton of success in the first year, but by 2014/2015, he could get a head coaching offer. He was already on interviews before, but this pairing can really work out for him.

(On not having an "official" defensive coordinator)

It's going to be more of a talent level than a coaching level. When you see it's Fisher, McGinnis, and a very good coaching staff, they'll make it work. The one thing we know is, he had a big part of that defense and it gave him the opportunity when he had Greg Williams to be a walk-around HC, but now it's a matter of him being directly involved. This definitely can work.

John Clayton - Thursday, July 5, 2012
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