10th season in St. Louis - Most sacks as a "St. Louis" Ram


This season marks the Rams 10th in St. Louis. Periodically throughout the campaign, the Post-Dispatch will look at the first 10 years of "St. Louis" Rams football.

Most sacks as a "St. Louis" Ram

- 1.) Kevin Carter, 62 1/2
- 2.) Leonard Little, 46 1/2
- 3.) Grant Wistrom, 41 1/2

Isaac Bruce looks back ... on practicing at the Mathews-Dickey Boys' Club in 1995.

"Coming from Anaheim, it was a step down, but not too far down from what we had at Anaheim. They treated us really well. Allowed us to commandeer their facilities that year, and use their football fields every day. Just going to the city every day - that was huge for me. I think we touched a lot of people over there. We touched a lot of kids. A lot of kids remember us coming over and using their facilities, the pool and their practice areas."