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    12 points. (LONG)


    This off season, to good to be true?

    12 points. A number some of us, don't notice or remember. 2 - 14 is what we see, 6 - 10 is what could have been. The Rams, last season, played terrible, we were horrible. Our coaches were unmotivated, boring and just plain bad. Our players grew tired of the same stuff, and didn't buy into the coaches, the system, or the philosophy. When a team, filled with players that don't buy into the coaches, the systems, or the philosophies are united... 2 - 14 seasons happen. Losing, blow outs, all other types of problems arouse if you don't buy into a system. The Rams last season were 2 - 14 as we all know (I hope), but in those two wins, do you remember the type of hope and excitement we had? The win over hot Washington Redskins looked to be a turning point to some, and a fluke to others. But then, a smashing victory over the tough Dallas Cowboys made a vision of success, and a turn around about to happen. Those games weren't fluke, or coincidence. Those two wins were what our Rams team was capable of. A team filled with excitement, hope and determination. That's the Rams that should have been, but were a sheer disappointing team the rest of the way.

    Now the 12 points, 12 points as I said are how many points away from 6 - 10 we were. A losing record yes, but astonishing when you figure in the fact that our coaches were bad, the system was bad, philosophy was bad and our players didn't buy in it. 6 - 10 was where we could have been, and should have been. Now looking at this coming season after a 6 - 10 season last year, with our great acquisitions and coaching change would translate into a no doubted Wildcard bid, even a Division title, perhaps to some, a deep playoff run. But we finished 2 - 14, our players "suck", "we didn't do anything big to improve", "we'll finish with 3 wins", or whatever.

    After last season, what did us fans want? Well, lets look at what we wanted, and needed. And what we got.

    NEED: Great, new Head Coach to lead our team, preferably an aggressive defensive coach.
    ANSWER: Steve Spagnuolo, DC, New York Giants. An aggressive, mentally tough, player loved and great leading coach.

    NEED: Improved offensive line.
    ANSWER: A Pro Bowl quality Center, whose just entering his prime. A great looking tackle in Jason Smith.

    NEED: Blocking Tight End
    ANSWER: Billy Bajema, a very good blocker.

    NEED: A new Strong Safety
    ANSWER: James Butler, very good safety from the Giants, young yet.

    NEED: New Middle Linebacker
    ANSWER: Young stud in James Lauranitis

    NEED: Physical, blocking Fullback
    ANSWER: A Pro Bowl Fullback in Mike Karney

    I'm sure there are a few other little needs, and wants. But the major ones are filled. The Rams are doing EVERYTHING right to make a strong Playoff run this season. The game is won in the trenches, and the Offensive Line could potentially be one of the best in the NFC, and the Defensive Line will make huge strides with Spagnuolo's genius mind putting his touches on. Just for a second, envision the Rams finishing 6 - 10, and adding a great defensive minded coach in Steve Spagnuolo, stud Safety, Pro Bowl quality Center, a great young tackle in Jason Smith, Pro Bowl fullback in Mike Karney, and a promising young Middle Linebacker in James Lauranitis. And then look at the upcoming season.

    The whole outlook is different isn't it? 12 points, isn't a number that could have been, it's a number that should have been. Right now, we'd be looking at a Division title and deep playoff run. But now, we're looking a hopeful improvement.

    My brothers and sisters of Rams nation, we've already improved, we've improved a lot. And 10 years ago right now, we were in the same situation, last season at this time.. Atlanta, and Miami were in this situation. And right now, we're in this situation.

    It doesn't have to take a sports writer to provide us with hope, or faith. It should take the Rams family (Owners, Coaches, Players, Fans). The Rams are all buying into the system from the Owners on down to the Players. The only ones that aren't, are most of the Fans, but why not?

    We know what's possible.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    Very good post man. I think we will have a decent season this year. Only way we are going right now is up!

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    I agree wholeheartedly, though I think it's a little unfair to simply gauge our success this offseason on the additions we had. We did incur some serious losses in Torry Holt and Orlando Pace and we still have some big question marks along the OL. The re-signing of Bartell was paramount, but we're yet to reach a long term agreement with O.J. Atogwe and our defense really loses a step without him.

    To call it one of the best offseasons in recent memory is perhaps a little presumptuous, but it certainly has the potential to be a celebrated one for the franchise.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    Your optimism is infectious! But I have to remind myself not to be too carried away with great hopes. They've been crumpled fast before. But I am cautiously optimistic, and I'm sure we will be an improved team this year. I like the moves you mention, love the coach and the upside the rookie class brings. Not too crazy about the release of Holt and 'Tino' though; there's still a couple of holes to fill, and questions to be answered, and I believe we still might be a year away from true greatness. (wanted to rep you, but have to spread it around.)

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    Great post, I'll buy into it. Just what has happened in the off season, I know we are going to be a hugh improvement from last year.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    The 12 points theory, or whatever you want to call it shows that we're very much like the Dolphins were last year in that in their 1-15 season they were very close to winning a number of games, they just collapsed in the end, just like the Rams did last year. The Dolphins of course made the playoffs under a new coach, new strategy and new hope. Could we do the same this year?

    Anything's possible in the West.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    yeah good post!
    i think you could add replacing zigmunt and shaw with football guys to the list of thing we wanted and got.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    No doubt we are a much better team right now than in 09, from the playes all the way to the coaches.
    I'm hearing more talk of "The Rams are still a year away, but could surprise a few teams," rather than "The Rams could be the next 0-16 team." Know what I mean? People know that we are getting the pieces together, but nobody knows if we'll have the puzzle figured out before this year.

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    Re: 12 points. (LONG)

    Mr. 16, your points are all well taken!
    It kind of reminds me of 1999, when the Rams grew tired of the beatings they suffered through the 90s and made plans to strive for success. The "Greatest Show On Turf" was born.
    The Rams as an organization, surely must be tired of the beatings this team has suffered in the later years of the 2000s.
    It once again seems like the Rams are finally making plans for success.

    LET'S GO RAMS!!!

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