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    20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts

    1. There's nothing like watching a win at home (for my full account, and some photos, check out my recent article).

    2. We now may actually have the best offense - a good defense.

    3. Will Witherspoon is everything we hoped he'd be.

    4. Marc Bulger looked a bit off, but don't underestimate the impact of Denver's tough coverage schemes.

    5. Steven Jackson doesn't always pick the right hole, but he gained some yards yesterday that only a 230+ lb. back can gain.

    6. I'm surprised Kevin Curtis didn't do more.

    7. McCollum is a bad loss, but not one that can't be overcome.

    8. Thumbs up to Jimmy Kennedy, who played tough with a broken hand.

    9. Special Teams were outstanding. From kick coverage, to punting (Turk, 3 punts for 50 yard average), to Wilkins' scoring.

    10. Is it me, or does Ty Hill remind you of Dre Bly?

    11. Alex Barron is so physically dominant, but he needs to keep his head in the game on every play.

    12. Anyone screaming to bench Bulger, Barron or anyone else, should just hush.

    13. Fakhir Brown may be one of the most underrated FA pickups in the league.

    14. Leonard Little is going to have a big year.

    15. I didn't relax until the 2 minute warning.

    16. Hey, at least we have as many TDs as Seattle!

    17. Travis Fisher's re-emergence is a huge and very pleasant surprise.

    18. Dear Media... Praise Haslett, but not to the exclusion of Linehan.

    19. Gotta keep this going next week in San Fran.

    20. Man, I'm glad football is back.

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    Re: 20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts

    Side point to av's excellent post. Any team that doesnt have walter jones that thinks that they are going to block leonard one on one all game is rowing with one oar in the water. Huge miscalculation by denver. Leonard is truly a force of nature both against the pass and the run.

    For those of you at the game, how did ike drop the ball at the goal line? The throw wasnt good, if it was on target its an easy td. But still, it hit him in the hands.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: 20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts

    I'm surprised Kevin Curtis didn't do more.
    Coverage was pretty good yesterday but i did not like the passing game at all.

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    Re: 20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    13. Fakhir Brown may be one of the most underrated FA pickups in the league.
    After his performance yesterday, no doubt about it. Another pat on the back for Haslett for going out to get Brown.

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    Re: 20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts

    remember broncos has one of the top pass defense in the league last year and they still do. I wouldn't worry about the passing game yet. At least we're running pretty good and defense did a great job. I don't remember when's the last time the rams' defense was outstanding and the last time we forced 5 turnovers too. we'll dominate next week at SF and Bulger will throw a couple of TDs.
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