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    2004 Draft - Early Reviews

    First, a disclaimer.

    This analysis is WAY premature, and things can and, almost certainly will, change. But, for the fun of it, here's a first look at how the draft choices are progressing.

    First Round - Steven Jackson: Appears to be as advertised, a hard nosed runner with surprising speed and quickness for a big man. Should one day be the Rams feature back.

    Second Round - No pick.

    Third Round - Anthony Hargrove: Rave reviews in camp, followed by minor injury, have created an uncertain picture. His upside remains high, but we probably should not expect him to be a full time starter this year.

    Fourth Round - Brandon Chillar: Pleasant surprise. Any time a fourth round pick can beat out an incumbent starter, that has to be a positive. He has shown great discipline for a rookie, and should improve as he gets more experience.

    Fifth Round - Jason Shivers: Rams took a chance on a physicially talented but mentally questionable player and lost. A bust, if you will.

    Sixth Round - Jeff Smoker: Certainly a work in progress. We'll know more in a year or two when Chandler retires if he is elevated to the number 2 spot. Had some good and bad moments in preseason.

    Seventh Round - Eric Jenson. A project who missed some preseason time and now is on practice squad. Hey, what do you expect from a seventh round pick?

    Seventh Round - Larry Turner. Made active roster and viewed by some as a possible center of the future. More than should be expected from a seventh rounder.

    All in all, not bad.

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    Re: 2004 Draft - Early Reviews

    Good job, AR. I was excited about this draft in April, I am even more so now. I agree that cutting Shivers was a shame. After that hit he put on Adam Matthews early in camp, I thought this guy could be something special. But the blow a 5th rounder isn't that bad.

    An additional comment on Hargrove: With the surprising start to Bryce Fisher, Hargrove should be allowed more time to figure the pro game out. I'm sure every kid wants to get on the field immediately, but nothing wrong with a little incubation period for our 3rd rounder.

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    Re: 2004 Draft - Early Reviews

    No complaints about the 2004 Draft class.

    Shivers had the tools.. but apparently he was a tool!

    Chillar - what a find!

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    Re: 2004 Draft - Early Reviews

    ... and that Steven Jackson ain't bad either.

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    Re: 2004 Draft - Early Reviews

    Yes, nice draft overall so far. With Shivers now back in the fold, I like his potential learning the system as all rookies must do.
    1. I like Jackson's burst & speed through the line, I can see quite few long runs, as we see his potential coming off the bench for Faulk.
    2. Chillar looks like a monster more so than Pisa
    3. Hargrove will be showing some stuff by mid season in relief.
    4. Nice to see a future center having made the roster.
    5. That Turley trade though is not looking to hot with his back problems from his days with the Aint's ?? ( that's when it started I believe ?? )
    6. Jensen will go into camp next year


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